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Head With A Rifle Butt   Driving In Snow   Bitten In The Hand   Remake Of Best Actor Oscar Winner   Remake Of Oscar Winner   Spurs   Malibu   Briefcase Full Of Money   Reference To Bob Dylan   East Germany   Character Says Thank You   Reference To God   twin sisters   accidentally locked out of an apartment   akron ohio   borrowing money   car hitting an animal   character says thank god   character says thank you very much   columbia records   columbia university manhattan new york city   driving at night   electrical tape   entering through a window   falling asleep while driving   gaslight cafe manhattan new york city   ginger cat   knocking on a car window   lost cat   lp recording   moussaka   penis slur   reference to boston massachusetts   reference to cincinnati ohio   reference to downing street manhattan new york city   reference to drink to me only with thine eyes the song   reference to elinera arkansas   reference to far rockaway queens new york city   reference to flash 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spy plane   stolen coat   surface to air missile   based on real person   50s   actor cast against type   illegitimate pregnancy   lawn chair   lockheed   miscast actor   peplum   reference to bikini atoll test   reference to golgotha   reference to roman emperor tiberius   rope trick   studio executive   studio system   water ballet   western movie   western star