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Runtime: 140 min

Genres: Horror | Mystery

Languages: Cantonese | English | Korean | Mandarin | Thai

Countries: Hong Kong | South Korea | Thailand

The work of three of Asia's most prominent horror directors comes together in this creepy collection of shorts. In Ji-woon Kim's "Memories," a husband awakens to find a mutilated body in his car; meanwhile, his wife wakes up with no memory of her former life. In Nonzee Nimibutr's "The Wheel," a Thai village is terrorized by colorful puppets. And in Peter Chan's "Going Home," a father is held captive by a man who keeps his dead wife "alive."

Directors (3)

Ji-woon Kim (segment "Memories")
Nonzee Nimibutr (segment "The Wheel")
Peter Chan (segment "Going Home") (as Peter Ho-Sun Chan)

Writers (8)

Chao-Bin Su story (segment "Going Home") (as Su Chao-Pin)
Ek Iemchuen story (segment "The Wheel")
Ji-woon Kim screenplay (segment "Memories")
Jo Jo Yuet-chun Hui screenplay (segment "Going Home") (as Jojo Hui)
Matt Chow screenplay (segment "Going Home")
Nitas Singhamat screenplay (segment "The Wheel")
Nonzee Nimibutr story (segment "The Wheel")
Teddy Chan story (segment "Going Home")

Composers (5)

Apisit Wongchoti (segment "The Wheel")
Byung-woo Lee (segment "Memories")
Peter Kam (segment "Going Home")
Sinnapa Sarasas (segment "The Wheel")
Sung-woo Jo (segment "Going Home")

Editors (3)

Chi-Leung Kwong (segment "Going Home")
Nonzee Nimibutr (segment "The Wheel")
Yun-cheol Jeong (segment "Memories")

Cinematographers (3)

Christopher Doyle (segment "Going Home")
Kyung-Pyo Hong (segment "Memories") (as Peter Ho-Sun Chan)
Nattawut Kittikhun (segment "The Wheel")

Actors (27)

Anusak Intasorn Im (segment "The Wheel")
Bo-seok Jeong Husband (segment "Memories")
Camy Ting Pathologist (segment "Going Home")
Eric Tsang Wai (segment "Going Home")
Eugenia Yuan Hai'er (segment "Going Home")
Hee-soon Park Hyun Joo's Husband (segment "Memories")
Heng Wong Doctor (segment "Going Home")
Hye-su Kim Wife (segment "Memories")
Jeong-won Choi Doctor (segment "Memories") (as Jung Woo Choi)
John Sham Photographer (segment "Going Home")
Jung-Hee Moon Hyun-Joo (segment "Memories")
Jung-Won Jang Eun-Ji (segment "Memories")
Kanyavae Chatiawaipreacha Nuan (segment "The Wheel")
Komgrich Yuttiyong Master Tao (segment "The Wheel")
Leon Lai Yu (segment "Going Home")
Manop Meejamarat Cht (segment "The Wheel")
Pattama Jangjarut Nan (segment "The Wheel")
Pongsanart Vinsiri Master Tong (segment "The Wheel")
Pornchai Chuvanon Plew (segment "The Wheel")
Savika Kanchanamas Sa-Ing (segment "The Wheel")
Sung-Keun Jee Taxi Driver (segment "Memories")
Suwinit Panjamawat Gaan (segment "The Wheel")
Tak-Ming Ting Janitor (segment "Going Home")
Ting-Fung Li Cheung (segment "Going Home")
Tinnapob Seeweesriruth Dang (segment "The Wheel")
Tsz-Wing Lau Yu's Daughter (segment "Going Home")
Vinn Vasinanon Bua (segment "The Wheel")