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Runtime: 89 min

Genres: Drama | Musical | Romance

Languages: English

Countries: USA

Broadway director Julian Marsh needs just one more hit so he can retire and recover his health. It looks like he may just pull it off until his tempermental star Dorothy breaks her ankle on the eve of the show's premiere and has to be replaced by understudy Peggy.

Directors (1)

Writers (4)

Bradford Ropes (novel)
James Seymour (screenplay)
Rian James (screenplay) &
Whitney Bolton contributor to treatment (uncredited)

Editors (2)

Cinematographers (1)

Sol Polito (photography by)

Actors (68)

Adele Lacy Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Agnes Ray Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Al Dubin Stout Songwriter (uncredited)
Alice Jans Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Allen Jenkins Mac Elroy
Ann Hovey Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Barbara Rogers Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Bebe Daniels Dorothy Brock
Charles Lane Author of 'Pretty Lady' (uncredited)
Clarence Nordstrom Groom in 'Shuffle Off to Buffalo' Number (uncredited)
Cliff Saum Dimmer Board Operator (uncredited)
Dave O'Brien Chorus Boy (uncredited)
Dennis O'Keefe Chorus Boy (uncredited)
Dick Powell Billy Lawler
Dixie Francis Extra on Stage (uncredited)
Donna Mae Roberts Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Dorothy Coonan Wellman Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Dorothy White Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Edna Callahan Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Edward J. Nugent Terry
Eve Marcy Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Evelyn Joice Chorus Girl (uncredited)
George Brent Pat Denning
George E. Stone Andy Lee
George Irving House Doctor (uncredited)
Gertrude Keeler Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Ginger Rogers Ann 'Anytime Annie' Lowell
Grace Tobin Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Guy Kibbee Abner Dillon
Harry Akst Jerry (uncredited)
Harry Seymour Aide (uncredited)
Harry Warren Short Songwriter (uncredited)
Helen Keeler Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Henry B. Walthall Concerned Actor (uncredited)
Jack La Rue Mug with Murphy (uncredited)
Jayne Shadduck Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Joan Barclay Chorus Girl (uncredited)
June Glory Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Kermit Maynard Chorus Boy (uncredited)
Lorena Layson Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Loretta Andrews Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Louise Beavers Pansy - Dorothy's Maid (uncredited)
Lyle Talbot Trailer Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
Lynn Browning Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Margaret La Marr Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Mary Halsey Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Maxine Cantway Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Mildred Dixon Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Milton Kibbee News Spreader (uncredited)
Ned Sparks Barry
Pat Wing Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Patricia Ellis Secretary (uncredited)
Patsy Farnum Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Renee Evans Extra on Stage (uncredited)
Renee Whitney Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Robert McWade Jones
Rolfe Sedan Extra on Stage (uncredited)
Ruby Keeler Peggy Sawyer
Ruth Eddings Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Shep Houghton Chorus Boy (uncredited)
The Sizzlers Singing Policemen (uncredited)
The Village Barn Hill Billies Themselves (uncredited)
Toby Wing Blonde in 'Young and Healthy' Number (uncredited)
Tom Kennedy Slim Murphy (uncredited)
Una Merkel Lorraine Fleming
Virginia Dabney Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Wallis Clark Dr. Chadwick (uncredited)
Warner Baxter Julian Marsh