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Runtime: 117 min

Genres: Horror | Sci-Fi

Languages: English | Spanish

Countries: UK | USA

In deep space, the crew of the commercial ship Nostromo--comprised of five men and two women--is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules, halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel. The tale unfolds as they further look into the S.O.S. distress call from that battered commercial space vessel--only to discover that it's a warning call, rather than a call for help. However, it is too late to turn back as three members of the crew have already left to investigate the derelict ship. Far away in space and time, all five encounter an awesome galactic horror, that begins to kill the crew members one by one.

Directors (1)

Writers (2)

Dan O'Bannon (screenplay)
Ronald Shusett (story)

Composers (1)

Editors (3)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (10)

Bolaji Badejo Alien
Eddie Powell Alien (uncredited)
Harry Dean Stanton Brett
Helen Horton Mother (voice)
Ian Holm Ash
John Hurt Kane
Sigourney Weaver Ripley
Tom Skerritt Dallas
Veronica Cartwright Lambert
Yaphet Kotto Parker