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Runtime: 113 min

Genres: Musical | Romance

Languages: English | French | German

Countries: USA

Gerry (Gene Kelly) is an American expatriate painter in post-WWII Paris. Struggling to find success in both art and love, his life is turned upside down when he meets and falls in love with Lise (Leslie Caron). This lavish musical won the Best Picture Oscar in 1951 with its straightforward story, gorgeous dance sequences, and beautiful, frequently melancholic Gershwin score.

Directors (1)

Writers (1)

Alan Jay Lerner (story and screenplay)

Composers (2)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Alfred Gilks (director of photography)

Actors (121)

Adèle Coray Honeymooner (uncredited)
Albert D'Arno Waiter (uncredited)
Albert Pollet Man at Table (uncredited)
Albert Ruiz Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Alex Romero Dancing G.I. (uncredited)
Alfred Paix Postman (uncredited)
Allan Cook Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Allen O'Locklin Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Andre Charisse Patron at Flodair Café / Dancing Partner (uncredited)
André Guy Boy (uncredited)
Ann Brendon 'Stairway to Paradise' Dancer (uncredited)
Ann Codee Therese (uncredited)
Anna Q. Nilsson Kay Jansen (uncredited)
Anthony Mazzola Boy with Bubble Gum (uncredited)
Art Dupuis Driver (uncredited)
Betty Hannon Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Betty Scott Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Beverly Thompson 'Stairway to Paradise' Dancer (uncredited)
Bob Mascagno Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Captain Garcia Man at Shutters (uncredited)
Carli Elinor Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Charles Bastin Smiling Young Man (uncredited)
Charles Mauu Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Charles Millsfield Man with Books (uncredited)
Christian Pasques Boy with Bubble Gum (uncredited)
Claude Guy Boy (uncredited)
David Carlin Strongman (uncredited)
David Kasday Child in Ballet (uncredited)
Dee Turnell Fury (uncredited)
Dennis Ross Child in Ballet (uncredited)
Dick Lerner Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Dick Wessel Ben Macrow (uncredited)
Dickie Humphreys Dancing G.I. (uncredited)
Dino Bolognese Bartender (uncredited)
Don Hulbert Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Don Quinn Honeymooner (uncredited)
Dorothy Tuttle Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Dorothy Ward Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Dudley Field Malone Winston Churchill (uncredited)
Eric Freeman Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Ernie Flatt Dancing G.I. (uncredited)
Eugene Borden Georges Matthieu (uncredited)
Gene Kelly Jerry Mulligan
George Davis François (uncredited)
George Dee Waiter (uncredited)
Georges Guétary Henri Baurel (as Georges Guetary)
Gloria DeWerd Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Greg McClure Rugged G.I. (uncredited)
Harvey Karels Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Hayden Rorke Tommy Baldwin (uncredited)
Herbert Winters G.I. (uncredited)
Isabel La Mal Audience Member (uncredited)
Jack Chefe Audience Member (uncredited)
Jack Harmon Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Janet Lavis Fury (uncredited)
Jean Harrison Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Jean Romaine 'Stairway to Paradise' Dancer (uncredited)
Jeanne Lafayette Nun / Artist / French Girl (uncredited)
Jeannine Ducasse Girl (uncredited)
Jetsy Parker Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Joan Anderson Child in Ballet (uncredited)
Joan Bayley Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
John Eldredge Jack Jansen (uncredited)
John Gardner Child in Ballet (uncredited)
Judy Landon 'Stairway to Paradise' Dancer (uncredited)
Leo Mostovoy Audience Member (uncredited)
Leonard A. Mazzola Young Man at Mirror (uncredited)
Leslie Caron Lise Bouvier
Lila Zali Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Linda Scott Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Louis Laurent Bearded Painter (uncredited)
Louise Colombet Woman with Cats (uncredited)
Louise Laureau Nun / Woman at Table (uncredited)
Lucien Plauzoles Boy with Bubble Gum (uncredited)
Madge Blake Edna Mae Bestram (uncredited)
Marian Horosko Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Marie Antoinette Andrews News Vendor (uncredited)
Marietta Elliott 'Stairway to Paradise' Dancer (uncredited)
Marilyn Rogers 'Stairway to Paradise' Dancer (uncredited)
Martha Bamattre Mathilde Mattieu (uncredited)
Mary Ellen Gleason 'Stairway to Paradise' Dancer (uncredited)
Mary Jane French 'Stairway to Paradise' Dancer (uncredited)
Mary Menzies Fury (uncredited)
Mary Young Flower Lady (uncredited)
Maya Van Horn Audience Member (uncredited)
Melba Snowden Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Meredith Leeds 'Stairway to Paradise' Dancer (uncredited)
Michele Lange Audience Member (uncredited)
Monique Chantal Audience Member (uncredited)
Nan Boardman Maid (uncredited)
Nina Foch Milo Roberts
Noel Neill American Girl (uncredited)
Numa Lapeyre Girl (uncredited)
Oscar Levant Adam Cook
Pamela Wells Child in Ballet (uncredited)
Pat Hall 'Stairway to Paradise' Dancer (uncredited)
Pat Simms Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Pat Volasko Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Paul De Corday Bartender (uncredited)
Paul Maxey John McDowd (uncredited)
Peter Camlin Artist (uncredited)
Ralph Madlener Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
René de Loffre Boy (uncredited)
Ricardo Gonzáles Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Richard Landry Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Ricky Ricardi Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Robert Ames Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Rodney Bieber Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Rudolph Silva Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Ruth Lewis Girl at Ball (uncredited)
Sam Strangis G.I. (uncredited)
Sheila Meyers Fury (uncredited)
Shirley Glickman Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Shirley Lopez Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Stephen Kirchner Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Sue Casey 'Stairway to Paradise' Dancer (uncredited)
Susan Cummings Patron at Flodair Café (uncredited)
Svetlana McLe Fury (uncredited)
The American In Paris Ballet Ballet Dancers
Tommy Ladd Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Viola Daniels Patron at Flodair Café (uncredited)