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Runtime: 16 min

Genres: Fantasy | Short

Languages: French

Countries: France

Hailed as a surrealistic cinematic masterpiece, UN CHIEN ANDALOU forms the meeting of two brilliant minds--those of arch painter and sculptor Salvador Dali, and fellow Spaniard and legendary filmmaker Luis Bunuel. Shot in 1929, the duo plunged headlong into their fantastic imaginations, pulling ideas from their subconscious minds, and presenting them on screen. Based on dreams that Bunuel and Dali had experienced, their one rule for shooting was to reject conventional narrative so that any meaning attached to the piece was purely in the eye of the beholder. Which leads neatly into the most infamous scene in UN CHIEN ANDALOU; namely the close-up shot of an eyeball being pierced by a razor, which may not appeal to the fainthearted viewer, but is certainly one of the most talked about scenes in cinema history. Provocative, shocking, and powerful, the legend of UN CHIEN ANDALOU still resonates throughout the film world with an intensity that will remain undiminished for many years to come.

Directors (1)

Luis Buñuel (as Louis Bunuel)

Writers (2)

Luis Buñuel (scenario) (as Louis Bunuel)
Salvador Dalí (scenario) (as Salvador Dali) and

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (2)

Albert Duverger (as Duverger)
Jimmy Berliet (uncredited)

Actors (8)

Fano Messan Hermaphrodite (uncredited)
Jaume Miravitlles Fat Seminarist (uncredited)
Luis Buñuel Man in Prolog (uncredited)
Marval Seminarist (uncredited)
Pierre Batcheff Man (as Pierre Batchef)
Robert Hommet Young Man (uncredited)
Salvador Dalí Seminarist (uncredited)
Simone Mareuil Young girl (as Simonne Mareuil)