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Runtime: 103 min

Genres: Comedy | Crime

Languages: English

Countries: Australia | USA

Cast Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal together in a film and it should be a sucker's bet as to who's going to be funnier and who's going to give the more nuanced performance. Somehow, though, De Niro walks away with most of the laughs in Analyze This, a buddy action-comedy about a mob boss (De Niro, natch) suffering from panic attacks who makes a nebbishy shrink (Crystal, natch) an offer he can't refuse--actually, it's not really an offer, it's a command. The good doctor is forced to help the gangster get in touch with his feelings. Had the brilliant TV series The Sopranos not underscored how thin and watery and shticky director-cowriter Harold Ramis's approach to such potentially rich material actually is, the movie--a hit in theaters and De Niro's biggest film ever--would seem more fresh and kicky. De Niro's definitely a hoot as the ever milder menace, and Crystal actually concentrates on giving a credible performance opposite the acting legend (alas, he doesn't turn his character's fear of his patient into inspired comedy, as Alan Arkin did in Grosse Pointe Blank). The conclusion devolves into the requisite gunplay, and Chazz Palminteri and Lisa Kudrow are criminally wasted as an opposing mob boss and Crystal's fiancée, respectively, but overall, it's breezy fun. --David Kronke

Directors (1)

Writers (3)

Harold Ramis (screenplay) and
Kenneth Lonergan (screenplay)
Peter Tolan (screenplay) and

Composers (1)

Editors (2)

Christopher Tellefsen
Craig Herring (as Craig P. Herring)

Cinematographers (1)

Stuart Dryburgh (director of photography)

Actors (75)

Aasif Mandvi Dr. Shulman
Albert Anastasia Himself (archive footage)
Albert Gallo Himself (archive footage)
Alfred Sauchelli Jr. Mo-Mo
Anthony Caso Johnny Angel (uncredited)
Anthony Russo Mafia Bodyguard (uncredited)
Bart Tangredi Young Vitti Sr.
Bill Macy Dr. Isaac Sobel
Billy Crystal Dr. Ben Sobel
Bob Cea FBI Agent Ricci (as Robert Cea)
Carlo Gambino Himself (archive footage)
Chazz Palminteri Primo Sidone
Clem Caserta Handsome Jack
Daniel W. Barringer Dream Sequence Gunman
Dave Corey Miami Hall Guard
Donnamarie Recco Sheila
Drew Eliot Priest at Funeral
Elizabeth Bracco Marie Vitti
Francesca Mari Anna Vitti
Frank Aquilino Eddie 'Cokes'
Frank Costello Himself (archive footage)
Frank Pietrangolare Tuna
Fred Workman Justice of the Peace
Gene Ruffini Frankie Zello
Gina Gallagher Theresa Vitti
Grace DeSena Tommy Angels' Widow
Ian Marioles Soundman
Ira Wheeler Scott MacNamara
Jimmie Ray Weeks FBI Agent Steadman
Joe Gallo Himself (archive footage)
Joe Viterelli Jelly
John Polce Dream Sequence Gunman (as John J. Polce)
Joseph Bonanno Himself (archive footage)
Joseph Rigano Dominic Manetta (as Joe Rigano)
Judith Kahan Elaine Felton
Kenny Alfonso Car Chase Driver (uncredited)
Kresimir Novakovic '50s Gangster
Kyle Sabihy Michael Sobel
Larry Gallo Himself (archive footage)
Leo Rossi Carlo Mangano
Lisa Kudrow Laura MacNamara Sobel
Luce Ennis Belinda MacNamara
Matthew Vega Paretti's Family
Max Casella Nicky Shivers
Michael Guarino Jr. Stevie Beef
Michael Haley Producer (as R.M. Haley)
Michael Harkins Paretti's Family
Michael Straka Young Dominic Manetta
Mickey Bruno Miami Soldier
Molly Shannon Caroline
Neal A. Corl Mafia Bodyguard (uncredited)
Neil Pepe Carl
New York Joe Catalfumo Exuberant Mourner
Ondine Harris Paretti's Family
Pasquale Cajano Joe Baldassare
Pat Cooper Salvatore Masiello
Paula Raflo Paretti's Family
Phillip V. Caruso Wedding Photographer (uncredited)
Rebecca Schull Dorothy Sobel
Richard C. Castellano Jimmy Boots (as Richard Castellano)
Richard D'Alessandro Gangster (uncredited)
Robert De Niro Paul Vitti
Russell Gibson Mafio Capo (uncredited)
Ted Neustadt Rabbi
Tony Bennett Himself
Tony Darrow Moony
Tony Devon Bobby Angel (uncredited)
Tony DiBenedetto Johnny 'Bigs'
Tony Ray Rossi Potatoes
Tracie Bruce Bikini Girl (uncredited)
Trish Dempsey Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Vince Cecere Tino
Vinny Vella Jr. Anthony Vitti (as Vincent Vella Jr.)
Vito Genovese Himself (archive footage)
William Hill FBI Agent Provano