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Runtime: 83 min

Genres: Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Family

Languages: English

Countries: USA

Central Park ant drone Z longs to be an individual of accomplishment, but Z's colony is a society that puts the value of the colony over personal achievement. Young Z sets his sites on the colony's Queen daughter Bala- who is uninterested until Z successfully mounts a revolution within the colony for the advancement of individuality.

Directors (2)

Writers (3)

Chris Weitz (writer) &
Paul Weitz (writer)
Todd Alcott (writer) &

Editors (1)

Actors (16)

Anne Bancroft Queen (voice)
April Winchell Additional Voices (voice)
Christopher Walken Colonel Cutter (voice)
Dan Aykroyd Chip (voice)
Danny Glover Barbatus (voice)
Gene Hackman General Mandible (voice)
Grant Shaud Foreman (voice)
Jane Curtin Muffy (voice)
Jennifer Lopez Azteca (voice)
Jerry Sroka Bartender / Additional Voices (voice)
Jim Cummings Additional Voices (voice)
John Mahoney Grebs / Drunk Scout / Additional Voices (voice)
Paul Mazursky Psychologist (voice)
Sharon Stone Princess Bala (voice)
Sylvester Stallone Weaver (voice)
Woody Allen Z (voice)