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Runtime: 120 min

Genres: Biography | Drama | Thriller

Languages: English

Countries: USA

Based on true events, Argo chronicles the life-or-death covert operation to rescue six Americans, which unfolded behind the scenes of the Iran hostage crisis-the truth of which was unknown by the public for decades. On November 4, 1979, as the Iranian revolution reaches its boiling point, militants storm the U.S. embassy in Tehran, taking 52 Americans hostage. But, in the midst of the chaos, six Americans manage to slip away and find refuge in the home of the Canadian ambassador. Knowing it is only a matter of time before the six are found out and likely killed, a CIA "exfiltration" specialist named Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) comes up with a risky plan to get them safely out of the country. A plan so incredible, it could only happen in the movies. -- (C) Warner Bros.

Directors (1)

Writers (2)

Chris Terrio screenplay
Joshuah Bearman article "Escape from Tehran"

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Rodrigo Prieto (director of photography)

Actors (213)

Abe Rogland CIA Senior Agent (uncredited)
Adrienne Barbeau Nina / Serksi the Gallactic Witch
Aidan Sussman Ian Mendez
Alan Arkin Lester Siegel
Alborz Basiratmand Student with Poster
Alex Schemmer Swissair Co-Pilot
Ali Farkhonde Tehran Car Rental Man
Ali Saam Ali Khalkhali
Alison Fiori Sci Fi Body Suit Girl
Allegra Carpenter British Airways Flight Attendant
Amaru Cloud Iranian Boy (uncredited)
Amir K Passport Official
Amir Malaklou Brother Ali (uncredited)
Amitis Frances Ariano Persian Dancer
Andrew Varenhorst Blue Monster
Ania Spiering Goddess (uncredited)
Annie Little Swissair Gate Agent
Anthony Narvaez Head Table Revolutionary #7 (uncredited)
Araz Vahid Ebrahim Nia Moradi
Armin Nasseri Reporter (uncredited)
Asal Nazerpour India Air Flight Attendant (uncredited)
Asghar Allah Veirdi Zadeh Bazaar Angry Man
Ashley Wood Space Lab Nurse
Ayanery Reyes Swissair Iranian Passenger (uncredited)
Bahram Khosraviani Revolutionary Guard
Baris Deli Carpet Factory Komiteh
Barry Livingston David Marmor
Ben Affleck Tony Mendez
Bill Blair Humanoid Robot
Bill Kalmenson Hal Saunders
Bill Tangradi Alan B. Golacinski
Bob Gunton Cyrus Vance
Bobby Naderi Airport Husband
Bobby Zegar Tear Gas Student
Brandon Slagle Canadian Embassy Staffer #1 (uncredited)
Brandon Tabassi Young Komiteh at Airport
Brendan Rooney Marine Cpl. (uncredited)
Bryan Cranston Jack O'Donnell
Cas Anvar Revolutionary Guard
Chanelle Lyn Iranian Protestor (uncredited)
Chris Messina Malinov
Christina Sardinas Protester (uncredited)
Christopher Denham Mark Lijek
Christopher Stanley Thomas L. Ahern, Jr.
Clark Gilmer Space Nurse (uncredited)
Clea DuVall Cora Lijek
Collin McShane Marine (uncredited)
Daniel Hayek Head Table Revolutionary #6 (uncredited)
Danielle Barbosa Lester's Housekeeper
Danielle Beckwith Greek Goddess (uncredited)
Danilo Di Julio Sgt. Gauthier
Daston Kalili Green Jacket
David Bittick Marine #3 (uncredited)
David Diaan (uncredited)
David Dustin Kenyon Argo Staff (uncredited)
David Sullivan Jon Titterton
Dawn Sobolewski The Female Space Trooper (uncredited)
Deborah Deimel Bean State Department Official
Derek Mobraaten Protester (uncredited)
Desary Vailencour State Secretary (uncredited)
Diamond Nicole Landeen Little Girl in Bar (uncredited)
Don Whatley CIA Staff (uncredited)
Dorianne Pahlavan Airport Hysterical Wife
Ehab Elgharabawy Iranian Passenger (uncredited)
Elena Kolpachikova Goddess (uncredited)
Eli Jane Swiss Airline Stewardess (uncredited)
Eric Scott Cooper Publicist
Erick Ramirez Space Armor Pants Guy (uncredited)
Erin Pickett Liz Taylor Look-alike (uncredited)
Fahim Fazli Komiteh Subordinate
Fanshen Cox White House Operator
Farshad Farahat Azizi Checkpoint #3
Fouad Hajji Komiteh (uncredited)
Francisco Ovalle Protestant #1 (uncredited)
Fred Toma Bus Driver (uncredited)
Gabriel Aslan Ian's Friend (uncredited)
Gerry Rand White House Staff (uncredited)
Hans Tester Swissair Pilot (as Hans Tester)
Hooshang Tooze Deputy Minister of Islamic Guidance
Hovik Gharibian Immigration Officer
Jack Topalian Iran Airline Staff (uncredited)
James Shanklin Mike Touzani (uncredited)
Jamie McShane William J. Daugherty
Jasmin Jandreau Swiss Air Passenger (uncredited)
Jason Kapraun Argo Staff (uncredited)
Jean Carol Jordan's Secretary
Jennifer Christopher Peg (uncredited)
Jerald Garner CIA Pit Team (uncredited)
Jeremy Gram Weaver Chancery Hostage (uncredited)
John Boyd Lamont
John Goodman John Chambers
John H. Tobin CIA Agent (uncredited)
Jon Woodward Kirby Fred Kupke
Joseph S. Griffo Nestor the Android
Josh Pellerin Iranian Protester (uncredited)
Jozef Fahey Lock Up PA
J.R. Cacia Brice
Kaveh Taherian Head Table Revolutionary #2 (uncredited)
Keith Szarabajka Adam Engell
Kelly Curran Princess Aleppa
Ken Edling Assistant Secretary of State
Kerry Bishé Kathy Stafford
Kevin Hawley Canadian Chancellor (uncredited)
Koby Azarly Iranian Airport Police
Korrina Rico Hollywood Starlet (uncredited)
Kristi Faye Airline Stewardess (uncredited)
Kyle Chandler Hamilton Jordan
Larry Sullivan Engell's Secretary
Leyla Beysulen Angry Woman
Lindsey Ginter Hedley Donovan
Lucas N. Hall Protestor (uncredited)
Macon Hill Swiss Air Passenger (uncredited)
Mark Smith Evil Villain (as Rhino)
Marsad Nikui Chilled Passenger (uncredited)
Martin Andris Lab Sound Man (uncredited)
Matt Doherty Butler (uncredited)
Matt Harding Driver (uncredited)
Matt McVay Hollywood Actor (uncredited)
Matt Nolan Peter Genco
Matthew Glave Col. Charles W. Scott
Matthew Landon (uncredited)
Maz Siam Iraqi Border Guard
Mehrdad Sarlak Immigration Officer
Michael Blumenstock CIA Officer (uncredited)
Michael Cassidy Jordan's Analyst
Michael Chieffo CIA Archives Officer
Michael Klemp State Department Member (uncredited)
Michael Kunselman Marine #4 (uncredited)
Michael Laren Argo Graphic Designer (uncredited)
Michael Lovern Embassy Senior Staff Member (uncredited)
Michael Parks Jack Kirby
Michael Woolston Marine #2
Michelangelo Kowalski Lab tech (uncredited)
Mihaela Lacramioara Refugee (uncredited)
Mitchell Salberg Photographer (uncredited)
Mohamed Ibrahim Elkest Protester (uncredited)
Momo Casablanca Visa Seeker (uncredited)
Muhammed Cangören Bazaar Shopkeeper
Nancy Stelmaszczyk Swissair Flight Attendant
Nelson Franklin LA Times Reporter
Nick Santoro Hostage (uncredited)
Nikka Far Tehran Mary
Nima Azizi Mahmoud (uncredited)
Omid Abtahi Reza Borhani
Omid Zader Komiteh (uncredited)
Page Leong Pat Taylor
Peter Henry Schroeder Producer
Philip Baker Hall (uncredited)
Phillip Borghee Iranian Protestor (uncredited)
Priyom Haider Protestor (uncredited)
Puya Abbassi Revolutionary Guard
Rafael Zubizarreta Protestor (uncredited)
Rafi Pitts Middle Class Iranian Man
Ramon Calzada Muslim Cleric (uncredited)
Rana Yamak Iranian Kid (uncredited)
Randy Oglesby Pat Horan (uncredited)
Ray Haratian Immigration Officer
Ray Porter First A.D.
Reza Mir Komiteh Reza
Richard Allan Jones Smokehouse Patron (uncredited)
Richard Dillane OSS Officer Nicholls
Richard Kind Max Klein
Rita Cannon Protester (uncredited)
Rita Qatami Iranian Visa Seeker (uncredited)
Rob Brownstein Landon Butler
Rob Tepper Film Director
Roberto C Escobar Komiteh Photographer (uncredited)
Roberto Garcia Sgt. William Gallegos
Rocky Kanaka Assistant (uncredited)
Roman Mitichyan Iranian Comiteh in Truck (uncredited)
Ron Vitalia CIA Pit Team (uncredited)
Rory Cochrane Lee Schatz
Ruty Rutenberg Marine #1
Ryan Ahern Sgt. Sickmann
Saba Sarem Revolutionary Guard
Sahar Bibiyan Voice (uncredited)
Sahm McGlynn Bearded Fundamentalist in Bazaar
Sally Spaide Flight Attendant (uncredited)
Salomon Passariello Komiteh (uncredited)
Sam Sheikholeslami Revolutionary Guard
Sandra Plazinic Space Girl (uncredited)
Scoot McNairy Joe Stafford
Scott Anthony Leet The Minotaur
Scott Elrod Achilles Crux
Sean Patrick Reilly Slone (uncredited)
Seli Marset Pakistani Stewardess (uncredited)
Sepideh Haftgoli Iranian Stewardess (uncredited)
Sharareh Sedghi Lady with Radio
Shaun Daley Chancery Hostage (uncredited)
Sheila Vand Sahar
Siamak Keyvani Swissair Passenger (uncredited)
Soheil Tasbihchi Immigration Officer
Stephen J. Lattanzi PA
Stephen Szibler CIA Agent (uncredited)
Sunny Vachher Iranian Protester (uncredited)
Taies Farzan Middle Class Iranian Woman
Tate Donovan Bob Anders
Taylor Schilling Christine Mendez
Teemaree India Air Flight Attendant (uncredited)
Tehmina Sunny Swissair Ticketing Agent
Tim Quill Alan Sosa
Titus Welliver Bates
Tom Lenk Variety Reporter
Tyson Power Canadian Embassy Staffer #2 (uncredited)
Veronika Kurshinskaya Air France Stewardess (uncredited)
Victor Garber Ken Taylor
Victor McCay Malick
Victoria Charters Swissair Gate Rep (uncredited)
Vincent Rivera Cameraman (uncredited)
Yan Feldman Air Traffic Controller
Yasmeen Yamak Iranian Kid (uncredited)
Yuriy Sardarov Rossi (as Yuriy Sardarov)
Zeljko Ivanek Robert Pender