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Runtime: 96 min

Genres: Comedy | Romance | Sport

Languages: English

Countries: USA

A self-made millionaire decides to join his only son who is having difficulty in fitting in at school as a freshman in college. This impulse gesture sets him on a path to much laughter, a little romance, a lesson in things that money can't buy, and unanimous acclaim as the most popular man on campus.

Directors (1)

Writers (8)

Dennis Snee (story)
Greg Fields (story) &
Harold Ramis (screenplay)
Peter Torokvei (screenplay) &
Rich Eustis uncredited
Rodney Dangerfield (story) &
Steven Kampmann (screenplay) &
William Porter (screenplay) (as Will Porter) and

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Thomas E. Ackerman (director of photography)

Actors (69)

Adrienne Barbeau Vanessa
Becky LeBeau Bubbles the Hot Tub Girl (as Beck LeBeau)
Beth Peters Mrs. Stuyvesant
Bob Drew Contractor
Boris Aplon Tony Meloni
Brad Zutaut Petey
Brian O'Dougherty Twist & Shout Band Member
Burt Young Lou
Cactus Moser Twist & Shout Band Member
Cliffie Stone Twist & Shout Band Member
Curtis Stone Twist & Shout Band Member
Dale Turner Oingo Boingo Band Member
Dallas Winkler Rodettes
Dana Allison Young Woman
Danny Elfman Oingo Boingo Band Member
Davey Faragher Twist & Shout Band Member
Edie McClurg Marge Sweetwater
Eric Alver Student at Fraternity Party
Holly Hayes Girl in the Crowd
J. Cynthia Brooks Girl in jacuzzi (uncredited)
Jacqi Bowe Dancer (uncredited)
James Ingersoll Judge
Jason Hervey Young Thornton
Jill D. Merin Girl at Dorm Party
John Avila Oingo Boingo Band Member
John William James Man in Stands (as John James)
John William Young Executive #2 (as John Young)
Johnny 'Vatos' Hernandez Oingo Boingo Band Member (as John Hernandez)
Josh Saylor Student in Diane's Class
Keith Gordon Jason Melon
Kimberlee Carlson Rodettes
Kimberlin Brown Girl in Dorm Hallway
Kristen Aldrich Girl in Diane's Class
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Himself
Leon Schneiderman Oingo Boingo Band Member
Leslie Scarborough Coed #1 (as Leslie Huntly)
Lisa Denton Lisa
Lisa Montgomery Rodettes (as Lisa Le Cover)
M. Emmet Walsh Coach Turnbull
Michael McGrady Player #1
Michael Reid Twist & Shout Band Member
Mike Bacich Oingo Boingo Band Member
Ned Beatty Dean David Martin
Nora Boland Agnes
Oingo Boingo Themselves
Paxton Whitehead Dr. Phillip Barbay
Phil Rubenstein Executive #1
Randi Randolph Hot Tub Girl #2 (uncredited)
Robert Downey Jr. Derek Lutz
Robert Picardo Giorgio
Rodney Dangerfield Thornton Melon
Sally Kellerman Dr. Diane Turner
Sam Kinison Professor Terguson
Sam Phipps Oingo Boingo Band Member
Santos Morales Bartender
Sarah Abrell Sorority Girl
Scott Wilder Football Player #2 (uncredited)
Severn Darden Dr. Borozini
Shannon Dunn Girl (uncredited)
Stacey Toten Hot Tub Girl
Steve Bartek Oingo Boingo Band Member (as Steven Bartek)
Steve Sweeney Security Guard
Terry Farrell Valerie Desmond
Theresa Lyons Cashier
Timothy Stack Trendy Man
Tracy Wolfgram Walker Student (uncredited)
Tricia Hill Lisa's Friend
William Grauer Drunken Student
William Zabka Chas