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Runtime: 100 min

Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Languages: English

Countries: USA

The script for this movie was written by outrageous poet-author-alcoholic Charles Bukowski. But director Barbet Schroeder makes it into an oddly amusing story of a pugnacious drunk writer (Mickey Rourke) based on Bukowski himself. Rourke spends almost all of his time at the bar, struggling with sobriety (he's against it) and, occasionally, having fistfights with the bartender (Frank Stallone). He meets another souse, a formerly attractive woman (Faye Dunaway), and gets involved with her, which means they drink copious amounts of liquor and try to have sex. Not much happens beyond that, yet this film is strangely entertaining, for all of its bottom-of-the-barrel humanity. Maybe that's the secret: "Oh, the humanity...." --Marshall Fine

Directors (1)

Writers (1)

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (37)

Albert Henderson Louie
Alice Krige Tully Sorenson
Charles Bukowski Bar Patron (uncredited)
Damon Hines Black Kid
Debby Lynn Ross Loverbird Woman (as Debbie Lynn Ross)
Donald L. Norden Man in Alley
Faye Dunaway Wanda Wilcox
Frank Stallone Eddie
Fritz Feld Bum
Gary Carlos Cervantes Cop (as Carlos Cervantes)
Gary Cox Lenny
George Marshall Ruge Loverbird Man
Gloria LeRoy Grandma Moses
Hal Shafer Mike
Harry Cohn Rick
Jack Nance Detective
J.C. Quinn Jim
Joe Rice Old Man in Bar
Joe Unger Ben
Julie 'Sunny' Pearson Hooker in Bar
Lahmard J. Tate Black Kid
Leonard Termo Harry
Madalyn Carol Young Girl Hooker
Michael Collins Elbow Inn Bartender
Mickey Rourke Henry Chinaski
Pearl Shear Helen
Peter Conti Cop
Pruitt Taylor Vince Joe
Rik Colitti Jack, The Window Washer
Roberta Bassin Lilly
Ronald G. Joseph Liquor Store Clerk (as Ron Joseph)
Sandy Martin Janice
Sandy Rose Louie's Woman
Stacey Pickren Lady Manager
Vance Colvig Jr. Alcoholic Man (as Vance Colvig)
Wil Albert Carl
Zeke Manners Roger (as Zeek Manners)