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Runtime: 92 min

Genres: Comedy | Horror | Thriller

Languages: English

Countries: USA

On the surface, Leslie Vernon seems like your average small town, nice guy. He has goals, ambition and aspirations to follow in the footsteps of his long-time hero Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees, and be the world's next great psycho-slasher. A true self-promoter, Leslie gives documentary filmmaker Taylor Gentry and her crew exclusive access to his life as he plans and executes his next great reign of terror over the sleepy town of Glen Echo, all the while deconstructing the constructions and archetypes of the horror genre for them.

Directors (1)

Writers (2)

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (26)

Alex Revan Fang (uncredited)
Angela Goethals Taylor Gentry
Anthony Forsyth Pete (uncredited)
Ben Pace Doug
Bridgett Newton Jamie
Britain Spellings Todd
Hannah Rader Communion Girl
Hart Turner Shane
Jenafer Brown Virgin Girl
Jordan Noce Stoner kid (uncredited)
Kane Hodder Guy at Elm Street House
Kate Lang Johnson Kelly
Krissy Carlson Lauren
Matt Bolt Slightly More Stoned Guy
Mia Butler Communion Girl
Morgan Kitzmiller Communion Girl
Nathan Baesel Leslie Vernon
Robert Englund Doc Halloran
Scott Glosserman D.A. Heilman (scenes deleted)
Scott Wilson Eugene
Steve Kaminsky Courtroom Attendee (scenes deleted)
Susan Spencer Juror (scenes deleted)
Teo Gomez Stoned Guy
Tommy Peters Courtroom Witness (scenes deleted)
Travis Zariwny Dr. Meuller
Zelda Rubinstein Mrs. Collinwood