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Runtime: 104 min

Genres: Action | Comedy | Crime | Thriller

Languages: English

Countries: USA

Third time is not quite the charm for Eddie Murphy's Axel Foley when he heads for L.A. once again to avenge a friend's murder. This time he's off to the Disneyesque WonderWorld, apparently the most hazardous theme park in America despite an army of shady security agents. John Landis directed Murphy in his first film hit, Trading Places, and would seem a good match for this mix of action and comedy, but his sense of fun only emerges in a few scenes (chubby mechanics do a gymnastic Blues Brothers number to a Diana Ross tune) and his action direction is sloppy and shockingly violent. It seems wrong for the comic tone, and Murphy should have his foul mouth washed out with soap. On the plus side, Bronson Pinchot returns as Serge and all but upstages Murphy in two brief but hilarious scenes. --Sean Axmaker

Directors (1)

Writers (3)

Daniel Petrie Jr. (character)
Danilo Bach (character) and
Steven E. de Souza (written by)

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (112)

Aileen Acain Waitress
Al Green Minister
Al Leong Car Mechanic (uncredited)
Alan Young Uncle Dave Thornton
Albie Selznick Technician
Aliza Washabaugh OR Nurse (uncredited)
Anthony G. Schmidt Horvath
Arthur Hiller Bar Patron
Barbet Schroeder Man in Porsche
Bill Taylor Spider Rider (uncredited)
Bob Minor Security Guard in Printing Room (uncredited)
Bob Pepper Pickup-Truck Driver (uncredited)
Bronson Pinchot Serge
Charles Rahi Chun Technician (as Charles Chun)
Cherilyn Shea Girl at Corner
Christian Heath Oki-Doki
Christina Venuti Disappointed Girl
Christy Alvarez Scared Girl
Curtis Williams Little Kid
D. Alan Cooksey Theme Park Guest
Dan Martin Cooper
Daren Palacio Theme Park Guest (uncredited)
Dave Myers Tippy Turtle
David C. Fisher Crash Victim (as David Cotton Fisher)
David Parry Taddeo
Devin McRae Kopy Kat
Dick Purtan Detroit Disc Jockey
Eddie Murphy Det. Axel Foley
Elaine Kagan Sanderson's Secretary
Eugene Collier Leppert
Felicia Wong Liddle Bear
Forrest J Ackerman Bar Patron (uncredited)
Forry Smith Rondy
Fred Asparagus Bobby
Gene Elman Bartender
George Lucas Disappointed Man (as Gentle George)
George Schaefer Mike
Gilbert R. Hill Insp. Douglas Todd (as Gil Hill)
Gregory McKinney Kimbrough
Hank McGill Paramedic
Hattie Winston Mrs. Todd
Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst Annihilator Girl (as Heather Parkhurst)
Hector Correa Man with Video Camera
Hector Elizondo Jon Flint
Heidi Lawson Girl in Amusement Park
Helen Martin Grandma
Jaime Campos Award Ceremony Guest (uncredited)
James MacKinnon Rufus Rabbit (as James Makinnon)
Jeannie Epper Spider Rider
Jennifer Cobb Meyer Lion
Jerra Stewart Spider Rider
Jerry Dunphy Newscaster
Jimmy Ortega Rondell
Joe Dante Jailer
Joey Travolta Giolito
John Rubinow Doctor
John Saxon Orrin Sanderson
John Singleton Fireman
Jon Tenney Levine
Jonathan Hernandez Scared Boy
Joseph Quinn Simpkins Man at Rollercoaster (uncredited)
Judge Reinhold Det. Sgt. William 'Billy' Rosewood
Julie Dolan Prescott Pig
Julie Strain Annihilator Girl
Kurtis Epper Spider Rider
Laura Summer (voice)
Lindsey Ginter Holloway
Lisa Allen Prescott Pig
Liza Macawili Floyd Fox
Louis Lombardi Snake
Lynn Walsh Meyer Lion
Marlene Hoffman Big Bear
Martha Coolidge Security Woman
Matt Myers Tippy Turtle
Meadow Williams Spider Rider
Michael Bowen Fletch
Neva Sosna Spider Rider
Nichole McAuley Spider Rider
Nick Hermz Tadross Gorilla
Ousaun Elam Pederson
Patricia Quinn Oki-Doki (as Pat Quinn)
Patty Raya Spider Rider
Peter Medak Man at Corner
Philip Levien Serge's Assistant
Phyllis Davis Bar patron
Ray Harryhausen Bar Patron
Ray Lykins Nixon
Richard M. Sherman Wonderworld Bandleader (scenes deleted)
Rick Avery Cline
Robert B. Sherman Bar Patron (as Robert Sherman)
Robin Shelby Floyd Fox (as Robin Navlyt)
Roger E. Reid Man on Phone (as Roger Reid)
Royce Reid Feisty Kid
Ryal Haakenson Hotel Doorman (uncredited)
Sean Spence Rufus Rabbit
Stephen McHattie Steve Fulbright
Steven Banks Spider Ride Operator
Susan Gayle Kopy Kat
Swa'vet Williams Girl in Amusement Park (uncredited)
Symba Smith Annihilator Girl
Theodore Borders Big Kid
Theresa Randle Janice
Thomas Rosales Jr. Car Mechanic (uncredited)
Tim Gilbert McKee
Tim Shuster Tadross Gorilla
Timothy Carhart Ellis De Wald
Tino Insana Burly Cop
Tracy Melchior Ticket Booth Girl (as Tracy Lindsey)
Wanda Welch Big Bear
Wendy Harpenau Liddle Bear
William B. Taylor Spider Rider
Yareli Arizmendi Scared Kids' Mom