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Runtime: 89 min

Genres: Comedy | Romance

Languages: English | French | Spanish

Countries: USA

He's heir to the Madison Hotel millions, but the only subjects Billy has studied lately are babes and booze. When Brian Madison informs his goofball son that he plans to turn over his Fortune 500 company to a scheming vice president, Billy makes the bet of his life: He's going back to school--grades 1 through 12--in 24 weeks! Can this bona fide blockhead win his father's respect, the family fortune and the love of his beautiful teacher?

Directors (1)

Writers (2)

Adam Sandler (written by)
Tim Herlihy (written by) &

Composers (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (84)

Adam Sandler Billy Madison
Al Maini Chauffeur
Alanna Budhoo 3rd Grader
Allison Robinson Newswoman
Amos Crawley Rod
Austin Pool Dan (Grade 3)
Benjamin Barrett Tenth Grader
Bob Rodgers Mr. O'Doyle
Bradley Whitford Eric Gordon
Brandi Tower 3rd Grader
Bridgette Wilson Veronica Vaughn
Carmela Bigioni 3rd Grader
Cassandra Forrester 3rd Grader
Chris Farley Bus Driver (uncredited)
Chris Mei Penguin
Christian Matheson O'Doyle (Grade 3)
Christopher Kelk Rollo the Janitor
Claire Cellucci Attractive Lady
Colin Smith O'Doyle (Grade 9)
Conor Devitt O'Doyle (Grade 1)
Craig MacIsaac 3rd Grader
Daniel Lerner-Ellis Pothead
Darren McGavin Brian Madison
Devon Codrington 3rd Grader
Diane Douglass Nurse
Dina Platias Miss Lippy
Eduardo Gómez Crazy Persons
Eric Aguilera 3rd Grader
Frank Nakashima Architect
Gino Veltri Rock Singer
Gladys O'Connor Tour Guide
Helen Hughes 2nd Grade Teacher
Hrant Alianak Pete
Jacelyn Holmes 2nd Grader
Jack Mather Ted 'Old Man' Clemens
James Downey Principal
Jared Cook Ernie (Grade 3)
Jared Durand Scotty Logan (Grade 1)
Jeff Moser Paul
Jessica Nakamura Tricia Labonte (Grade 1)
Jordan Lerner-Ellis Pothead
Jordan-Patrick Marcantonio 10th Grader (uncredited)
Josh Mostel Principal Max Anderson
Joyce Gordon Lunch Lady
Justin Williams 3rd Grader
Kavin Leroy Jet Skier
Keith Cole Penguin
Kelly Childerhose Jet Skier
Ken Shires Fireeater
Kyle Bailey Kyle
Larry Hankin Carl Alphonse
Lawrence Nakamura Lawn Guy
Lindsay Curran 3rd Grader
Mandy Watts Maid
Marc Donato Nodding 1st Grader
Marcel Jean Gilles Haitian Gardener
Marcia Bennett 4th Grade Teacher
Margo Wladyka Mrs. O'Doyle
Mark Beltzman Jack
Matthew Ferguson Tenth Grader
Matthew Tempest 3rd Grader
Melissa Korzenko Nancy Connors
Michael Ayoub Drama Teacher
Michelle Toth 3rd Grader
Nicholas A. Catalano 3rd Grader
Nicole Harrison 3rd Grader
Norm MacDonald Frank
Robby Cavallari 3rd Grader
Robert Smigel Mr. Oblaski
Ryan Luis 3rd Grader
Sean Lett O'Doyle (Grade 12)
Shane Farberman Clown
Shanna Bresee Susan (Grade 3)
Shomar Dejonge 3rd Grader
Stacey Wheal Jennifer (Grade 3)
Steve Buscemi Danny McGrath (uncredited)
Suzanna Shebib High School Girl
Tanya Grout Joyce (Eric's Sercetary)
Tara Rooney 3rd Grader
Tex Konig Crazy Persons
Theresa Merritt Juanita
Tim Herlihy Architect
Vernon Chapman Butler
Vincent Marino Cook