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Runtime: 93 min

Genres: Comedy | Western

Languages: English | Yiddish

Countries: USA

When the new railroad is scheduled to go through the frontier town of Rock Ridge, corrupt State Attorney General Hedley Lamarr sends thugs to scare the townspeople off the newly valuable land so he can buy it himself. This causes the citizens to demand that the Governor appoint a new sheriff to protect them. Lamarr convinces the simple-minded Governor to appoint a black railroad worker named Bart, thinking that the racist townsfolk will either move away or lynch him. But the quick-witted, urbane Bart and his alcoholic sidekick The Waco Kid set out to win over the town.

Directors (1)

Writers (5)

Alan Uger (screenplay)
Andrew Bergman (story)
Mel Brooks (screenplay) &
Norman Steinberg (screenplay) &
Richard Pryor (screenplay) &

Composers (1)

Editors (2)

Danford B. Greene (as Danford Greene)
John C. Howard

Cinematographers (1)

Joseph F. Biroc (director of photography) (as Joseph Biroc)

Actors (96)

Abel Franco Mexican Bandit (uncredited)
Al Ward Man at Pond (uncredited)
Alan Peterson German Soldier Dancer (uncredited)
Alex Brown RR Worker (uncredited)
Alex Karras Mongo
Aneta Corsaut Tourist Mother (uncredited)
Anne Bancroft Congregation Extra (uncredited)
Ben Frommer Convict (uncredited)
Bert May German Soldier Dancer (uncredited)
Bill Catching Outlaw #1 (uncredited)
Bill McIntosh Desperado (uncredited)
Bill Zuckert Official (uncredited)
Booty Reed Railroad Worker (uncredited)
Boyd 'Red' Morgan Outlaw #3 (uncredited)
Burton Gilliam Lyle
Carol Arthur Harriett Johnson
Charles McGregor Charlie
Chuck Hayward Outlaw #4 (uncredited)
Cleavon Little Bart
Clyde McLeod Townsman (uncredited)
Count Basie Himself
Craig Littler Tex (uncredited)
Daniel Núñez Mexican (uncredited)
Danny 'Big Black' Rey Bart's Father (uncredited)
Darrell Sandeen KKK Man (uncredited)
David Armstrong Pressman (uncredited)
David Cadiente Mexican (uncredited)
David Huddleston Olson Johnson
David Sharpe Man in Suit (uncredited)
Dick Crockett Townsman #2 (uncredited)
Dom DeLuise Buddy Bizarre
Don Ames Townsman (uncredited)
Don Megowan Gum Chewer
Donald Chaffin Townsman (uncredited)
Eddie Smith RR Worker (uncredited)
Eldon Burke Desperado (uncredited)
Elly Enriquez Mexican (uncredited)
Frankie Van Fighter (uncredited)
Fred McDougall Desperado (uncredited)
Fred Scheiwiller Outlaw #2 (uncredited)
Gene Wilder Jim
George Dockstader Politician (uncredited)
George Furth Van Johnson
George Tracy Townsman (uncredited)
Gilda Radner Townswoman (uncredited)
Hal Needham Outlaw (uncredited)
Hank Robinson Townsman (uncredited)
Harvey Korman Hedley Lamarr
Harvey Parry (uncredited)
Herman Boden Cowboy (uncredited)
Ira Miller Baker Man (uncredited)
Jack Lilley Overseer (uncredited)
Jack Perkins Tomato Man (uncredited)
Jack Starrett Gabby Johnson (as Claude Ennis Starrett Jr.)
Janice Whitby Tour Guide (uncredited)
Jay Loft-Lyn RR Worker (uncredited)
Jerry Trent Dancer (uncredited)
Jessamine Milner Elderly Woman (uncredited)
Jimmy Martinez Scared Mexican Man (uncredited)
Joe Yrigoyen Townsman #3 (uncredited)
John Alderson Gum Chewer (uncredited)
John Furlong Tourist Man (uncredited)
John Hillerman Howard Johnson
Karl Lukas Cutthroat #1 (as Karl Lucas)
Kenny Endoso Mexican (uncredited)
Liam Dunn Rev. Johnson
Madeline Kahn Lili Von Shtupp
Madge Journeay Townswoman (uncredited)
Marrietta Schmidt Woman in Ladies Room (uncredited)
Mel Brooks Governor William J. Lepetomane / Indian Chief
M.J. Kane Leopold (uncredited)
Patrick Campbell MC at Show (uncredited)
Patrick Labyorteaux Henry (uncredited)
Ralph Manza Man in Commissary Playing Hitler (uncredited)
Ray Chabeau German Soldier Dancer (uncredited)
Richard Collier Dr. Sam Johnson
Richard Farnsworth Sheriff (uncredited)
Richard Monahan Dancer (uncredited)
Richard Vitagliano Anal Johnson (uncredited)
Rick Garcia Mexican Bandit (uncredited)
Robert Ridgely Boris (uncredited)
Robyn Hilton Miss Stein
Rod McGaughy Desperado (uncredited)
Rodney Allen Rippy Bart - Age 5 (uncredited)
Rosemary Johnston Townswoman (uncredited)
Ross Dollarhyde Desperado (uncredited)
Sally Kirkland Cashier (uncredited)
Seamon Glass Cowboy (uncredited)
Slim Pickens Taggart
Stewart East Pressman (uncredited)
Tex Lambert KKK Member (uncredited)
Tim Sullivan Dancer (uncredited)
Tom Anfinsen German Soldier (uncredited)
Tom Steele Townsman Who Falls from Chair (uncredited)
Tony Regan Pressman (uncredited)
Troy Melton Member of the Press (uncredited)