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Runtime: 97 min

Genres: Comedy

Languages: English

Countries: USA

Bobby Bowfinger is a shameless wannabe film producer, who is desperate to break into the Hollywood big-time in spite of the fact that he's broke and unconnected. His plans are thwarted when he is unable to land Hollywood's hottest action star, Kit Ramsey for the lead roll in his movie. Undaunted, Bowfinger decides to make the film with Ramsey anyway, except that Kit won't know he's in it. Determined, Bowfinger and his motley crew surreptitiously stalk their unwitting star through the streets of Los Angeles. They film Kit's every move and trap him in scenes he doesn't know he is in, turning Kit's life into a paranoid nightmare, as Bowfinger's crazy schemes become more and more outrageous.

Directors (1)

Writers (1)

Steve Martin (written by)

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (45)

Aaron Brumfield Kit's Bodyguard
Adam Alexi-Malle Afrim
Adam Carrera News Reporter (uncredited)
Addie Yungmee Laker Girl
Alejandro Patino Sanchez
Alex Craig Mann Studio Executive
Alfred De Contreras Martinez
Andrea Toste Laker Girl
Barry Newman Hal, Kit's Agent
Brogan Roche Renfro's Executive
Carl Kocis Reporter at Premier (uncredited)
Christine Baranski Carol
Claude Brooks Freddy
Eddie Murphy Kit Ramsey / Jefferson 'Jiff' Ramsey
Heather Graham Daisy
Hope Wood Laker Girl
Jamie Kennedy Dave
Janet Jaeger Laker Girl
John Cho Nightclub Cleaner
John Prosky MindHead Executive
Johnny Sanchez Luis
Kevin Grevioux Kit's Bodyguard
Kevin Scannell LA Cop
Kimberly Baum Laker Girl
Kimble Jemison Kit's Assistant
Kohl Sudduth Slater
Laura Grady E! Channel Interviewer
Lloyd Berman Camera Store Clerk
Marisol Nichols Young Actress at Audition
Martin Andris Premiere Guest (uncredited)
Megan Denton Laker Girl
Michael Dempsey Camera Security Guard
Michelle Boehle Laker Girl
Mindy Betsy - Bowfinger's Dog
Nathan Anderson Clothing Sales Clerk
Phill Lewis Actor at Audition
Ramiro Fabian Hector
Reamy Hall Farrah, Hollywood Lesbian
Robert Downey Jr. Jerry Renfro
Steve J. Termath Black Masked Ninja (uncredited)
Steve Martin Robert K. Bowfinger
Terence Stamp Terry Stricter
Tiger Mendez 'Mongo' Premiere Guest (uncredited)
Walter Powell Federal Express Man
Zaid Farid Kenny, Kit's Limo Driver