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Runtime: 86 min

Genres: Comedy | Crime

Languages: English | Spanish | Thai | Vietnamese

Countries: USA

The setup is promising: The Romano mob family know that they're being betrayed by a hidden FBI informant in their ranks, so they decide to send a family member under cover to destroy the evidence against them--but the only family member the FBI won't recognize is the family black sheep, Corky (Chris Kattan), a touchy-feely aspiring veterinarian. But once Corky goes undercover, his klutzy ways accidentally make him the star of the FBI, sparking envy from his fellow agents and arousing suspicion in the mob. Though the script of Corky Romano declines as the movie goes on, Kattan actually keeps the picture going; his spastic, sniveling, childish energy is engaging, and at its best the production bubbles over with silliness. It only falls flat when Kattan has to behave in a remotely adult manner, which fortunately doesn't happen very often. Cheerful dopiness. Featuring Peter Falk, Peter Berg, and Chris Penn as mobsters. --Bret Fetzer

Directors (1)

Writers (2)

David Garrett (written by) &
Jason Ward (written by)

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Steven Bernstein (director of photography)

Actors (48)

Adele Craig Connie
Al Eben Dale
April Tran Vietnamese Man
Ashton Dane SWAT Team Member
Blake Clark Security Guard
Chris Kattan Corky Romano
Chris Penn Peter Romano
Craig Richards FBI Agent (uncredited)
Dave Sheridan Agent Terrence Darnell
Dennis Keiffer Skinhead
Derek Hughes FBI Agent (uncredited)
Dilva Henry Reporter
Eck Stone Thai Man
Fiona Hale Florence
Flora Burke Woman with Dog
Fred Ward Leo Corrigan
Gary C. Smith Hawk, Precision Driver
Grant Silver Boy with Mouse
Howard Weitzman Attorney
Irene Olga López Mrs. Hernandez
James Hill Reporter
James Tupper FBI Agent
Jeanette Miller Phyllis, Old Woman with Cat
Jennifer Gimenez Trina, Waitress
Johan-Carl Nowack FBI Agent (uncredited)
John Farley Ice Cream Vendor
Joseph Dubow SWAT Team Member
Justin Riemer Skinhead
Kevin Indio Copeland Skinhead
Kip King Dr. Kipper
Kristina Simonds Woman in Classroom
Matthew Glave Agent Brick Davis
Michael Massee Angry Gunman
Patrick Stinson Reporter
Peter Berg Paulie Romano
Peter Falk Francis A. Romano
Rena Mero Female Bouncer
Richard Roundtree Howard Shuster
Robin Borovic Secretary
Roger Fan Agent Bob Cox
Sean Greenhut Coughing Kid
Steven Wilde Chaz, Male Bouncer
Sylvester Jenkins Mr. Langford, Old Man
Tim Sitarz Skinhead
Tyana Parr Teacher in Classroom (uncredited)
Vincent Pastore Tony
Vinessa Shaw Agent Kate Russo
Zach Galifianakis Dexter, Computer Hacker