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Runtime: 101 min

Genres: Comedy | Musical | Romance



Featuring a soundtrack filled with beloved "standard" songs such as "Just You, Just Me" and "My Baby Just Cares for Me," this musical comedy by Woody Allen concerns a polite and comfortably well-off group of people and their romantic difficulties. DJ (Natasha Lyonne), who narrates the picture, is the daughter of divorced couple Steffi (Goldie Hawn) and Joe (Woody Allen). Since the break-up, Steffi has married Bob (Alan Alda); their children, DJ's half-sister and half-brother, are Skyler (Drew Barrymore) and Scott (Lukas Haas). Skyler is about to be married to a likeable chap named Holden (Edward Norton). However, her mother Steffi, a wealthy liberal, cultivates people as "projects." Her latest project is ex-con Charles (Tim Roth), an extremely rude and crude customer. At family gatherings, everyone politely ignores his lapses in manners and good taste until Skyler postpones her wedding to have an affair with him. In a parallel storyline, we see that DJ is convinced that her unremarried dad would find a perfect mate in Von (Julia Roberts), and she contrives an elaborate (and successful) scheme to bring them together. In a fashion typical of '30s musicals, this movie completely transcends its fluffy story, using a cavalcade of ballads to send the characters on a chaotic, romantic merry-go-round from New York to Paris. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

Directors (1)

Writers (1)

Woody Allen (written by)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Carlo Di Palma director of photography (as Carlo DiPalma)

Actors (117)

Al Dana Helen Miles Singer
Alan Alda Bob
Ami Almendral Nanny
Andrea Piedimonte Alberto
Andrew Pacho Hospital Dancer
Annette Sanders Helen Miles Singer
Arlene Martin Nurse / The Helen Miles Singers (as Arlene Martell)
Ashley H. Wilkinson Helen Miles Singer
Barbara Hollander Claire
Billy Crudup Ken
Cherylyn Jones Mannequin
Chris Cardona Italy Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Chrissy Faith Helen Miles Singer
Christy Carlson Romano Trick-or-Treat Child (as Christy Romano)
Cindy Cobitt Helen Miles Singer
Colleen Dunn Harry Winston Dancer
Colton Green Hospital Dancer
Cynthia Onrubia Groucho Party Dancer
Daisy Prince Nurse
Damon McCloud Rapper
Dana Moore Harry Winston Dancer
Darren Lee Groucho Party Dancer
David Ogden Stiers Holden's Father
Delphine T. Mantz Groucho Party Dancer
Devalle Hayes Rapper
Diva Gray Nanny
Don Correia Groucho Party Dancer
Drew Barrymore Skylar
Ed Hodson Scott's Doctor
Edward Hibbert Harry Winston Salesman
Edward Norton Holden
Eileen Casey Ghost Dancer
Emily Bindiger Helen Miles Singer
Frank Pietri Ghost Dancer
Fred Mann III Ghost Dancer (as Fred C. Mann III)
Frederick Rolf Le Cirque Waiter
Gabriel Millman Trick-or-Treat Child
Gaby Hoffmann Lane
Gerry Burkhardt Ghost Dancer
Goldie Hawn Steffi
Gregory Misciagno Harry Winston Dancer
Helen Miles Nurse / The Helen Miles Singers
Isiah Whitlock Jr. Cop (as Isiah Whitlock)
Itzhak Perlman Himself
Jeff DeRocker Homeless Man (as Jeff Derocker)
Jeff Lyons Helen Miles Singer
Jenna Miles Helen Miles Singer
Jerome Vivona Groucho Party Dancer
Jill Nicklaus Hospital Dancer
Jo Telford Hospital Dancer
Joanne McHugh Groucho Party Dancer
Joe Locarro Hospital Dancer
Joe Orrach Harry Winston Dancer
John Griffin Jeffrey Vandermost
John Mineo Groucho Party Dancer
John Selya Hospital Dancer
Jonathan Giordano Trick-or-Treat Child
Julia Roberts Von
Kathy Sanson Ghost Dancer
Kevin Bogue Harry Winston Dancer
Kevin De Simone Helen Miles Singer (as Kevin DeSimone)
Kevin Hagan Doorman
Krissy Richmond Harry Winston Dancer
Kristen Pettet Trick-or-Treat Child
Lenny Roberts Helen Miles Singer
Linda Kuriloff Nurse (as Linda Maurel-Sithole)
Lindsy Canuel Trick-or-Treat Child
Lisa Cangelosi Cigar Girl (uncredited)
Lisa LeGuillou Hospital Dancer (as Lisa Leguillou)
Luis Martin Perez Harry Winston Dancer / Hospital Dancer / Ghost Dancer / Groucho Party Dancer
Lukas Haas Scott
Madeline Balmaceda Nanny
Malinda Farrington Harry Winston Dancer (uncredited)
Michael Mark Helen Miles Singer
Michael O'Steen Harry Winston Dancer
Michel Moinot Bob's Doctor
Monica McSwain Hospital Dancer
Myra Lucretia Taylor Hospital Dancer
Nancy Ticotin Groucho Party Dancer
Natalie Portman Laura
Natasha Lyonne DJ
Navah Perlman Pianist
Olivia Hayman Skylar (singing voice) (uncredited)
Pamela Everett Harry Winston Dancer
Paolo Seganti DJ's Venice Date
Patrick Cranshaw Grandpa
Patrick Lavery Trick-or-Treat Child
Paul Evans Helen Miles Singer
Ray Garvey Escaped Convict
Rene Ceballos Hospital Dancer (as René Ceballos)
Richard Cummings Trick-or-Treat Child
Robert Khakh Cab Driver
Robert Knepper Greg
Robert Ragaini Helen Miles Singer
Robert Walker Rapper
Roland Hayes Groucho Party Dancer
Ruth Gottschall Hospital Dancer
Scotty Bloch Holden's Mother
Sean Grant Groucho Party Dancer
Shelley Frankel Ghost Dancer
Susan Misner Harry Winston Dancer
Terry Textor Helen Miles Singer
Tim Roth Charles Ferry
Timothy Jerome X-Ray Room Doctor
Tina Paul Mannequin / Harry Winston Dancer
Tommie Baxter Old Woman
Tommy John Trick-or-Treat Child
Tony Sirico Escaped Convict
Troy Myers Harry Winston Dancer
Trude Klein Frieda
Valda Setterfield Ghost Dancer
Vanéese Y. Thomas Helen Miles Singer (as Vaneese Thomas)
Vikki Schnurr Mannequin
Vivian Cherry Nurse
Waltrudis Buck Psychiatrist
Willie Rosario Groucho Party Dancer
Woody Allen Joe