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Runtime: 118 min

Genres: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Romance | Thriller

Languages: Dutch

Countries: Belgium

Five men share a secret that has deadly consequences in this thriller from Belgium. When Filip (Matthias Schoenaerts), a playboy with a wild streak, finally settles down and gets married, his good friend Vincent (Filip Peeters) presents him and three of his friends with a special gift. Vincent is an architect, and after supervising the renovation of a apartment block, he installed a luxurious penthouse flat for the use of himself and his married pals, where they can enjoy liaisons with other women without their spouses becoming any the wiser. Filip, Vincent and three of their buddies -- hard-drinking ladies' man Marnix (Koen de Graeve), Filip's psychoanalyst brother Chris (Koen De Bauw) and taciturn Luc (Bruno Vanden Broecke) -- are the only ones with keys to the flat, and the only ones who are supposed to know it exists. But one day one of the five checks into the apartment and discovers a woman's bloody corpse shackled to the bed; one of their group is a murderer, but who is the killer and how can the others keep this a secret from the police and their families? Loft was directed by Erik Van Looy and written by Bart de Pauw, both of whom got their start in the film business as actors. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Directors (1)

Writers (1)

Bart De Pauw screenplay

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (42)

Adia Panteleeff Vrouw toilet casino
Barbara Dzikanowice Hoertje
Ben Mouling Vriend Sharon
Bente De Graeve Dochter Vincent Stevens
Britt Van Driessche Vrouw toilet casino
Bruno Vanden Broucke Luc Seynaeve
Cela Yildiz Buisinessman
Charlotte Vandermeersch Vicky Willems
Dirk Roofthooft Mannelijke ondervrager
Elise Regaert Dochter Vincent Stevens
Els Talloen Vriendin Sharon
Filip Peeters Vincent Stevens
Gene Bervoets Burgemeester Van Esbroeck
Imke Courtois Vriendin Sharon
Ina Geerts Vrouw burgemeester
Jan Decleir Ludwig Tyberghein
Koen De Bouw Chris Van Outryve
Koen De Graeve Marnix Laureys
Laura Verlinden Sharon
Lindsay Bervoets Vriendin Filip
Maaike Cafmeyer Miriam Laureys
Marianne Bolle Vriendin Sharon
Marie Vinck Sarah Delporte
Matthias Schoenaerts Filip Willems
An Miller Ellen Van Outryve
Nana Jans Vriendin Sharon
Olga Wilhelmine Violinist
Olivier De Smet Vriend Sharon
Pam Borgoo Immovrouw
Renée Fokker
Ruth Beeckmans Anja
Sara de Roo Vrouwelijke ondervrager
Sara Giulini Vriendin Tyberghein
Sophie Van Peel Vrouw Tyberghein
Sylvie Kruppa Vrouw bar Düsseldorf
Tessa Van Winkel Vrouw bar Düsseldorf
Tiffany Van den Brande Vriendin Filip
Tine Reymer Barbara Stevens
Veerle Baetens Ann Marai
Véronique Billon Vriendin Sharon
Veronique Boubane Zwart meisje
Wine Dierickx Elsie Seynaeve