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Runtime: 116 min

Genres: Comedy

Languages: English | German

Countries: USA

A nice guy cop with multiple personality disorder, must protect a woman on the run from a corrupt ex-boyfriend and his associates.

Writers (3)

Bobby Farrelly (written by)
Mike Cerrone (written by) &
Peter Farrelly (written by) &

Composers (2)

Lee Scott (score by)
Pete Yorn (score by)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Mark Irwin (director of photography)

Actors (277)

Adam Kanter Actor - Background Person
Adriana Bega Actor - Paramedic (as Adriana Biega)
Al Lampe Actor - Background Person (as Al)
Alice Biegel Actor - Woman on Scene
Amy Leasca Actor - Woman at Barbque
Andrew Greenbury Actor - Twin Passing By
Andrew Phillips Lee Harvey - Age 9
Ann Marie Izzi Actor - Girl on Bus
Anna Byers Actor - Crying Little Girl
Anna Kournikova Motel Manager
Annette Cerrone Actor - Background Couple
Annie Hodgson Actor - SWAT Person at Motel
Anthony Anderson Jamaal
Ariana Parrillo Actor - Ice Cream Girl
Barbara Tuchon Actor - Wedding Guest
Barry Brandt Vermont Police Officer (uncredited)
Ben Miosky Actor - Family at Barbque (as Ben)
Ben Urann Actor - Kid (as Benji Urann)
Bennett Yellin Actor - Guy on Plane
Beth Jordan Actor - Grocery Store Cashier
Beth Mone Actor - Background Person
Bill Beauchene Family at Barbque (as Bill Beauchene & Family)
Bill Hoyle Actor - Paramedic (as Bill)
Bill Kiendl Actor - Paramedic
Bill O'Connor Actor - SWAT Guy
Billy Meyer Actor - Background Person (as Billy)
Bob Magnan Actor - State Trooper (as Lt. Bob Magnan)
Bob Mone Officer Delicato
Bob O'Brien Actor - Wedding Guest (as Bobby O'Brien)
Bob Weeks Train Conductor (as Bob Weekes)
Bobby Lippincott Actor - Family at Site
Brad Blank Actor - Policeman
Brad Matthews Actor - State Trooper
Brendan Shanahan Actor - State Trooper
Brian Hayes Currie Soda Machine Man
Brian Mone Actor - Golfer
Brian Stube Actor - Couple (as Brian)
Bryan Molloy Actor - Man in Grocery Store
Cam Neely Trooper Sea Bass
Carolyn Molloy Actor - Woman in Grocery Store
Charlie Pettygrove Actor - Paramedic
Chris 'Chili' Palmer Actor - FBI Agent (as Chili Palmer)
Chris Cooper Lieutenant Gerke
Chris Rock Stand-Up Comedian on TV (archive footage) (uncredited)
Christal Handy Actor - Crippled Little Person
Christine DiCarlo TV Reporter
Christine Mone Actor - Office Worker
Cinzia Roccaforte Beach Girl (uncredited)
Connor Dunphy Actor - Kid
Conrad Goode Softball Player
Cynthia Farrelly Gesner Actor - Policewoman (as Cindy Gesner)
Dan O'Brien Actor - Wedding Guest (as Danny O'Brien)
Dan Walenty Background State Trooper
Daniel Greene Dickie Thurman
Danielle Adé Actor - Black Girl
Danny Murphy Agent Steve Parfitt (as Dan Murphy)
Dave McVeigh Actor - State Trooper at Motel
David Page Actor - Guy at Train Station
David Ward Actor - SWAT Guy
Dean R. Palozej Actor - Father (as Dean)
Deanna Cerrone Actor - Bikini Girl
Diana Spaulding Actor - Ice Cream Girl
Dino Macaluso Actor - Policeman
Docky Actor - Background Person
Don Pritchard Actor - Policeman at Station (as Dan Pritchard)
Dot Neary Actor - Lady
Dotan Bonen Actor - Background Motel Guest
Doug Bymark Actor - State Trooper at Motel
Doug Morton Actor - Background Person
Doug Tashjian Actor - Policeman
Dyanne Stroyman Actor - Shocked Lady
Egor Davidoff Actor - Iggy (as Egor 'Iggy' Davidoff)
Ellie Miosky Actor - Family at Barbque (as Ellie)
Emily O'Day Actor - Family at Picnic
Eric Adé Actor - Black Boy
Eric Bruno Borgman Train Station Cart Vendor (uncredited)
Eric Lariviere Actor - State Trooper (as Cpl. Eric Lariviere)
Ernie Malik Actor - Background Motel Guest
Everett Palozej Actor - Child (as Everett)
Ezra Buzzington Disabled Guy
Fran O'Brien Actor - Woman in Crowd
George Bedard Actor - Wedding Guest
George Gondelman Actor - Detective
Georgia Boylan Daughter at Train Station
Gerry Callahan Actor - State Trooper
Gerry Swallow Actor - State Trooper at Motel
Gigi Moran Actor - Execu
Glen Skalubinski Actor - State Trooper (as Sgt. Glen Skalubinski)
Glenn Ciano Actor - Background Person
Googy Gress Guy on the Street
Gordie Merrick Actor
Gretel Twombly Actor - Spectator
Gwendolyn Rogers Actor - Wedding Guest (as Gwen Rogers)
Harley Brown Sr. Actor - Farmer
Harrison Frick Actor - Boy in Office
Hayden Palozej Actor - Child (as Hayden)
Heather Dyson Reporter
Heather Hodder Jump Rope Girl
Heikki Paadre Actor - Background FBI Agent
Herbie Flynn Herb the Barber (as Herb Flynn)
István Kocsis Actor - Fireman (as Steve Kocsis)
Jack Andrade Actor - Checkers Buddy
Jackie Flynn Trooper Pritchard
Jackie Shiffler Actor - Lesbian in Restaurant
James Gidea Actor - Couple in Restaurant
James Woodson Guy at Train Station (uncredited)
Jan Kane Actor - Background Person
Jane M. Reidy Actor - Shocked Lady
Jaqueline Feeney Actor - Shocked Lady
Jay W. Yowler Actor - Guy in Bar (as Jay Yowler)
J.B. Rogers Actor - Golfer
Jeanne Basone Actor - Bikini Girl
Jeff Kuno Actor - Background Motel Guest
Jeremy Maleek Leggett Jamaal - Age 9
Jerod Mixon Shonté Jr.
Jerry Parker Paramedic
Jesse Peter Actor - Kid
Jill McLaughlin Actor - Family in Restaurant (as Jill McLaughlin & Family)
Jim Carrey Charlie Baileygates / Hank Evans
Jim Dubois Actor - Motel Guest
Jimmy Shay Actor - Couple (as Jimmy)
Joan Hoyle Actor - Paramedic
Joan Ledwith Actor - Shocked Lady
Joey McGilberry Helicopter Agent
John Chan Actor - Man in Crowd
John Dennis Actor - FBI Agent
John-Eliot Jordan Pizza Boy
John Mark Andrade Handsome Barber Shop Guy
John Sappo Actor - Guy getting off train
John Stroehman Actor - FBI Agent (as John Stroehmann)
Jordan Blevins Actor -Kid
Joshua Loiko Actor - State Trooper (as Josh Loiko)
Josie Duval Couple in Grocery Store
Joslin Leasca Actor - Person at Barbque (as Joslin)
Julie Scungio Actor - Ed's Wife
Justin Chandler Shonté Jr. - Age 9
Karen Mone Actor - Office Employee
Kate Forster Actor - Receptionist
Kate Miosky Actor - Family at Barbque
Kate Phelon Actor - Background Person
Kathleen Straube Actor - Background Person
Kathy Twombly Woman in Police Station
Keith McLaughlin Actor - Family in Restaurant (as Keith)
Kelsey Jordan Actor - Girl in Office
Ken Duvall Couple in Grocery Store (as Ken)
Ken Gumbert Actor - Minister (as Fr. Ken Gumbert)
Kevin Biegel Actor - Spectator
Kevin J. Flynn Barber Shop Wiseguy
Kevin R. Wood Actor - Bum #1 (as Kevin Wood)
Kristen Trucksess Woman in Maternity Ward
Lauren Palozej Actor - Child (as Lauren)
Lenny Clarke Barber Shop Car Owner
Leslie Munroe Actor - Dreadlocks Guy
Libby Langdon Actor - Execu
Lin Shaye Actor - Mrs. Caleron (scenes deleted)
Lisette Boren Actor - Bikini Girl (as Lissette Boren)
Liza Battaini Actor - Ice Cream Girl
Luke O'Day Actor - Family at Picnic
Mac Boylan Son at Train Station
Mac Haskell Actor - Background Couple (as Mac)
Malcolm Wilson Actor - Ice Cream Vendor
Margaret Boylan Mother at Train Station
Margo Murphy Actor - Background Person
Mariann Neary Actor - Shocked Lady
Marissa Adé Actor - Black Girl
Mark Ciardi Actor - Softball Player
Mark Dunn Actor - Fireman
Mark Leahy Vermont Police Officer
Mark Levine Golfer (as Marc R. Levine)
Mark Miosky Actor - Person at Barbque
Mark O'Day Actor - SWAT Guy
Mary Lampe Actor - Background Person
Matt Irwin Actor - Slate Guy
Matt Smith Actor - State Trooper at Motel
Matt Swick Actor - Background Motel Guest
Mecina Bottaro Actor - Woman in Restaurant
Megan O'Brien Actor - Woman in Crowd
Melinda Kocsis Actor - Maternity Nurse
Michael Bowman Whitey
Michael 'Don Julio' Burke Actor - SWAT Guy (as Michael Burke)
Mike Cerrone Officer Stubie
Mike Cheney Actor - Wedding Guest
Mike D'Allessio Actor - Grocery Store Guy
Mike DiCarlo Actor - Policeman
Mike Murphy Actor - Guy in Photo
Mike O'Donnell Actor
Mike Swanson Detective (uncredited)
Mike Turillo Jr. Actor - Crippled Son
Mike Turillo Sr. Actor - Father
Mish Twombly Actor - Man in Police Station (as Misha Twombly)
Mongo Brownlee Lee Harvey
Monica Shay Actor - Couple
Monique Pelletier Actor - Background Person
Moriah Cowles Actor - Ice Cream Girl
Nancy Byers Actor - Maternity Nurse
Nancy Frey-Jarecki Actor - Paramedic (as Nancy Jarecki)
Natassia Malthe Actor - Bikini Girl (as Lina Teal)
Nicholas Greenbury Actor - Twin Passing By
Nicki Tyler Flynn Trooper Maryann (as Nikki Tyler Flynn)
Onzra Myers Actor - Bikini Girl
Pam O'Brien Actor - Wedding Guest
Patrick Dragon Actor - Grocery Boy
Patrick Healy Actor - Background Person (as Pat Healy)
Patrick Mone Actor - Office Worker
Patty Mullany Molloy Actor - Woman in Grocery Store
Paul Bronk Irate Motorist (uncredited)
Paul Pelletier Actor - FBI Agent
Paula Palozej Actor - Mother
Pete Anicelli Actor - FBI Agent (as Peter Annicelli)
Pete Peterson Actor - Execu
Peter Biegel Actor - Man on Scene (as Peter)
Peter Gaulke Actor - Detective at Motel
Peter Krulewitch Actor - Policeman
Phil M. Rosenberg Softball Player (uncredited)
Phil Rosenberg Actor - Softball Player
Philomena Gidea Actor - Couple in Restaurant (as Philomena)
Preston Thomas Actor - Farmer
Pucky Lippincott Actor - Family at Site
Ray 'Rocket' Valliere Actor - Mrs. Caleron's Son (as Ray "The Rocket" Valliere)
Rebekah Aramini State Troopers Wife (uncredited)
Renée Zellweger Irene P. Waters
Rex Allen Jr. Narrator (voice)
Richard Jenkins Agent Boshane
Richard Lippincott Actor - Family at Site
Richard Pryor Stand-Up Comedian on TV (archive footage) (uncredited)
Richard Tyson Gun Shop Owner
Rick Dunphy Actor - SWAT Guy
Rob Moran Trooper Finneran
Robert Flaherty Actor - State Trooper
Robert Forster Colonel Partington
Robert Martini Actor - Bum #2 (as Bobby Martini)
Rudy Cheeks Actor - Farmer
Ruth Michelle Meyer Actor - Background Person (as Ruth Meyer)
Sarah Billington Actor - Girl on Bus
Sarah Delfausse Actor - Woman at Site
Sarah Lopez Actor - SWAT Person at Motel
Scott Morehouse Actor - Paramedic
Scott Rosenberg Actor - Softball Player
Scott T. Neely Trooper Neely
Sean Gildea Kid's Father (as Sean P. Gildea)
Shannon Whirry Beautiful Mom
Smokey Cerrone Actor - Background Couple (as Smokey)
Sonia Stuebe Actor - Couple
Spencer Palozej Actor - Child (as Spencer)
Stacey Leasca Actor - Person at Barbque
Stephen Mone Actor - FBI Agent
Steve Gehrke Actor - Mooner on Plane
Steve Moran Actor
Steve Sweeney Neighbor Ed
Steve Tyler Maternity Doctor
Susan O'Day Actor - Family at Picnic
Tanner Wiley Himself (uncredited)
Tara Perkins Female Golfer (uncredited)
Tara Richert Actor - Woman at Train Station
Tara Robare Actor - Lesbian in Restaurant
Taryn Chilivis Actor - Woman Giving Statement
Terez Kocsis Actor - Secretary (as Teri Kocsis)
Terry Mullany Actor - State Trooper
Thomas Jordan Grocery Store Mom's Son
Tiffany Lucich Actor - Woman at Train Station
Todd Christiansen Actor - Guy in Bar
Tom Beachene Actor - Policeman at Station (as Tom Beauchene)
Tom Clark Actor - Background Person
Tom Kocsis Actor - Guy on Railroad Tracks (as Tommy Kocsis)
Tom Leasca Actor - Person at Barbque (as Tom)
Tom Wingate Actor - Guy
Tommy Songin Actor - Grill Guy
Tony Cox Limo Driver
Tracey Abbott Grocery Store Mom - Mrs. Bittman
Traylor Howard Layla
Trish Haskell Actor - Background Couple
Victoria O'Day Actor - Family at Picnic
Warren Tashjian Actor - Best Man
Wenya Monique Williams Woman in Maternity Ward (as Wenya Williams)
Will Coogan Disabled Guy's Aide
William Sherak Actor - Background Motel Guest
Zen Gesner Agent Peterson