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Runtime: 128 min

Genres: Biography | Drama

Languages: English

Countries: USA

The story of Harvey Milk, and his struggles as an American gay activist who fought for gay rights and became California's first openly gay elected official.

Directors (1)

Writers (1)

Dustin Lance Black (written by)

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (126)

Álex González
Alison Pill Anne Kronenberg
Allan Baird Himself
Allan Lazo Castro Man (uncredited)
Amron Paul Yuwono Castro Man (uncredited)
Anita Bryant Herself (archive footage) (uncredited)
April Vancelette Hippy (uncredited)
Ashlee Temple Dianne Feinstein
Awele Makeba Supervisor #4
Blake Griffin Castro Man (uncredited)
Borzin Mottaghian Senator Briggs' Driver
Boyd Holbrook Denton Smith
Brad Comfort Castro Clone (uncredited)
Brandon Boyce Jim Rivaldo
Brent Corrigan Telephone Tree #3
Brian Danker San Francisco Cop No.2
Brian Vowell Castro Clone (uncredited)
Brian Yates Sharber Gay Man
Cabran E. Chamberlain Riot Cop (uncredited)
Camron Palmer Medora Paine
Carol Ruth Silver Thelma
Catherine Cook Opera Performer - Tosca
Christopher Greene Reporter
Christopher Sugarman Don's Friend (uncredited)
Cindy Warner Irish Local / PTA Member / Candlelight Marcher (uncredited)
Cleve Jones Don Amador
Corbett Redford Teamster (uncredited)
Cully Fredricksen Assistant Sheriff
Daniel Landroche Young Teen - in wheelchair
Danny Glicker Customer
Daryl Anthony Harper Campaign Volunteer (uncredited)
Dave Franco Telephone Tree #5
David Alan Hodges Castro Guy (uncredited)
Denis O'Hare State Senator John Briggs
Derek Lux Goodstein Aide (uncredited)
Diego Luna Jack Lira
Dominic Sahagun Another Protester
Draco Dewar Telephone Tree #4
Drew Kuhse Pizza Delivery Man
Dustin Lance Black Castro Clone
Elias McConnell Telephone Tree #8
Emile Hirsch Cleve Jones
Eric Cook Robert Hillsborough
Frank M. Robinson Himself (as Frank Robinson)
Gilbert Baker Telephone Tree #1
Ginabel Machado Lily
Greg Cala Senator Briggs' Aide (uncredited)
Harmony Blossom Law Student (uncredited)
Harvey Milk Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Hope Tuck Mary Anne White (as Hope Goblirsch)
Howard Rosenman David Goodstein
Jack Dunston Supervisor #2
James Franco Scott Smith
Jay Kerzner Speaker
Jeff Koons Art Agnos
Jeff Redlick Teamster (uncredited)
Jeremiah Turner Law Student (uncredited)
Jesse Caldwell Chamber Clerk
Jill Maragos Tory Hartmann
Jimmy Carter Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Joe Meyers Opera Performer - Spoletta
Joey Hoeber Union Man
John Clerkin Castro Guy (uncredited)
John Douglas Ayers Castro Local (uncredited)
John Parson Castro Man
John Prudhont Sergeant at Arms (uncredited)
Joseph Cross Dick Pabich
Josh Brolin Dan White
Kelvin Han Yee Gordon Lau
Kelvin Yu Michael Wong
Kenny New SFPD Riot Cop (uncredited)
Kristen Marie Holly Anne's Friend
Leesha Davis Hippie Girl (uncredited)
Lin Shukla Passenger (uncredited)
Logan Petrin Birthday Party Relative (uncredited)
Lucas Grabeel Danny Nicoletta
Lynn McRee Moscone's Secretary
Maddie Eisler Birthday Party Relative (uncredited)
Maggie Weiland Girl on Motorcycle
Mark E. Stanger Priest
Mark Martinez Sylvester
Martin Andris Castro Voter (uncredited)
Mary Dilts Channel 5 Reporter
Matt Austin Campaign Messenger
Matthew Bridges Birthday Party Goer (uncredited)
Olen Holm Telephone Tree #7
Patrick Engler Law Student (uncredited)
Paul Arnold Supervisor #1
Peaches Christ Peaches Christ (uncredited)
Peter Jason Alan Baird (uncredited)
Richard Gross Riot Cop
Robert Chimento Phil Burton
Robert George Nelson San Francisco Cop No.1
Roger Groh Reporter
Roger Mudd Himself (archive footage)
Roman Alcides City Hall Engineer
Ron Gruetter Supervisor #3
Ronald Reagan Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Sandi Ippolito Relative
Scott Patrick Green House Boy
Sean Penn Harvey Milk
Shaun Landry Gwenn Craig (uncredited)
Shavi Blake Telephone Tree #2
Stacie Hovland Hippy (uncredited)
Stephen Spinella Rick Stokes
Steve Wharton Law Student (uncredited)
Steven Wiig McConnely
Ted Jan Roberts Dennis Peron
Tim Halpin SFPD Motor Cop (uncredited)
Timothy Roberts Godfather (uncredited)
Tom Ammiano Himself
Tom Brokaw Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Tom Randol Telephone Tree #9
Toni Staniewicz Law Student #2 (uncredited)
Tony R. Vella Supervisor #5 (as Tony Vella)
Trace Webb Boy with Flier
Velina Brown Morning Show Host
Victor Garber Mayor George Moscone
Walter Cronkite Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Wendy Tremont King Carol Ruth Silver
William H. Frey III Castro Man (uncredited)
William M. Verducci Supervisor #6
William McElroy Barber
Yeena Fisher Teacher (uncredited)
Yoli Mapp Law Student (uncredited)
Zachary Culbertson Bill Kraus (uncredited)