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Runtime: 131 min

Genres: Action | Adventure | Thriller

Languages: English | German | Swedish

Countries: China | Hong Kong | USA

With the IMF disbanded, and Ethan (Tom Cruise) out in the cold, the team now faces off against a network of highly skilled special agents, the Syndicate. These highly trained operatives are hellbent on creating a new world order through an escalating series of terrorist attacks. Ethan gathers his team and joins forces with disavowed British agent Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), who may or may not be a member of this rogue nation, as the group faces their most impossible mission yet.

Directors (1)

Writers (3)

Bruce Geller (television series)
Christopher McQuarrie (story) and
Drew Pearce (story)

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (185)

Adam Ganne Opera Lighting Technician #2
Adam Rabinowitz Train Commuter (uncredited)
Ait ben Azzouz Brahim Drone Pilot (uncredited)
Alana Maria Embassy Tech 1 (uncredited)
Alec Baldwin Alan Hunley
Alec Utgoff A400M Crewman
Alex Jaep Waiter (uncredited)
Alexander Bracq Polizei / Opera Guest (uncredited)
Alexander Hathaway CIA Agent (uncredited)
America Olivo Turandot
Amra Mallassi Power Plant Guard #3
Anastasia Harrold Silver Service (uncredited)
Andrew Zographos Stephen Adams (uncredited)
Anick Wiget CIA Agent (uncredited)
Anna-Marie Sullivan Opera Staff
Anthony Milton Prime Minister's Bodyguard (uncredited)
Ash Merat Janik's Sentry #2
Ashley Hudson Soldier (uncredited)
Asim Ahmad CIA Analyst Nathaniel Rollins (uncredited)
Attila G. Kerekes Passer-by (uncredited)
Atul Sharma Commuter (uncredited)
Barnabás Réti Janik's Sentry #1
Barry Ashton US Senator (uncredited)
Benjamin Plautz Opera Staff
Brent Phebey Café Customer (uncredited)
Bruce Lawrence Prime Minister's Bodyguard #1
Carola Neiderhuber Opera Police #1
Celina Nessa VIP Guest (uncredited)
Charles Babalola Embassy Technican 2 (uncredited)
Charley Brianna Commuter
Chris Groundsell CIA Agent (uncredited)
Christopher Marsh Businessman / Passerby (uncredited)
Claire Greasley Commuter (uncredited)
Colin Goodwin CIA Analyst (uncredited)
Daniel Eghan Moroccan Dignitary (uncredited)
Daniel Harland Opera Guest (uncredited)
Daniela Nitsch Opera Security #2
David Burge Commuter (uncredited)
David Few-Cooper Commuter (uncredited)
David G. Robinson Businessman (uncredited)
David Howkins Auction Attendee (uncredited)
David Neaves CIA Agent (uncredited)
David Peart Senator #4
David Terry Soldier (uncredited)
Debra Leigh-Taylor Charity Event Guest (uncredited)
Denis Khoroshko Belarus soldier Petrenko (uncredited)
Dina Nielsen CIA Agent (uncredited)
Dolly Ballea C.I.A Agent / Train Passenger (uncredited)
Emilio Aniba Power Plant Guard #1
Eric Coco Prime Minister Security (uncredited)
Eva-Marie Becker Opera Lighting Technician #1
Femi Ogunbanjo Prime Minister's Bodyguard #2
Fernando Abadie A400M Pilot #2
Francesca Bennett Opera Audience (uncredited)
Georgie-May Tearle Charity Event Guest (uncredited)
Georgina Redhead Prime Minister's Wife
Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro Commuter (uncredited)
Glenn Webster Businessman (uncredited)
Guna Gultniece Opera Guest (uncredited)
Guy Potter Biker (uncredited)
Hadrian Howard Power Plant Security #1
Hermione Corfield Record Shop Girl
Hrvoje Klecz Theater Guest (uncredited)
Ian Massa-Harris Opera Chorus Tenor (uncredited)
Jae Bireley Man Falling Off Bridge #4 (uncredited)
James Cleverton The Mandarin
James McOran Campbell Ping
James Weber Brown IMF Operator
Jamie Buchan Cafe Guest (uncredited)
Janette Sharpe Passerby (uncredited)
Jason Ebelthite CIA Agent J. Scott (uncredited)
Jens Hultén Janik Vinter
Jeremy Renner William Brandt
Jessica Williams Stewardess (uncredited)
Jesus Alvarez Caláf
Jill Buchanan Cafe Passerby London (uncredited)
Jingchu Zhang Lauren
Joanne Manchester Charity Event Guest (uncredited)
John Carr Passer by (uncredited)
Jorge Leon Martinez CIA Agent (uncredited)
Judit Novotnik Cafe Guest (uncredited)
Judith Bogner Chancellor's Wife
Julian Moore Crook Drone Technician #2
Justin Hayward Charity Event Guest (uncredited)
Katie Pattinson Auctioneer
Katrina Vasilieva Agent Doran (uncredited)
Kheira Bey Passerby - London (uncredited)
Kornelia Horvath Passer-by in London (uncredited)
Kyle Viveiros CIA Agent (uncredited)
Lasco Atkins CIA Agent (uncredited)
Laura Bernardeschi Passers-by at a Tube Station (uncredited)
Laurence Rupp Opera Police #3
Lawrence Olsworth-Peter Opera Chorus Tenor
Mairead Armstrong Charity Event Guest (uncredited)
Marie Louise Smith VIP Event Guest
Mariola Jaworska Passerby in Vienna (uncredited)
Mark Christopher Collins Belarus Guard (uncredited)
Mark Preston Commuter (uncredited)
Mark Ryder Charity Event Guest (uncredited)
Martin Bermoser Opera Director
Martin Cochrane Senator #3
Martin Nelson Altoum
Martyn Mayger Commuter (uncredited)
Mateo Rufino A400M Pilot #1
Mens-Sana Tamakloe Janik Henchmen 1 (uncredited)
Mike van den Dobbelsteen VIP Guest (uncredited)
Mingus Johnston Lead Biker
Miroslav Zaruba Vienna Policeman (uncredited)
Nicholas Lupu Conductor
Nicholas Schodel Lane Henchman (uncredited)
Nicholas Sharratt Pong
Nick Donald Commuter (uncredited)
Nigel Allen CIA Jet Agent #2
Nigel Barber Chairman
Nina Hartmann Opera Security #1
Noni Harrison Cafe Guest (uncredited)
Noor Dillan-Night Control Lab Technician #4
Oliver Leitsberger Subway Passenger (uncredited)
Osy Ikhile CIA Jet Agent #1
Pamela Betsy Cooper CIA Agent (uncredited)
Patrick Poletti Senator #2
Patrik Plenk Passerby (as Patrik J. Plenk)
Paul Biddiss Soldier (uncredited)
Paul Grant CIA Agent (uncredited)
Pete Meads CIA Agent (uncredited)
Pete Sepenuk IMF Agent Tom Stark
Peter Stanford Londoner (uncredited)
Peter Stark Chancellor's Security Aide #1
Philip Howard Guest (uncredited)
Philip Myklebust Opera Guest (uncredited)
Rachel Handshaw Drone Technician #1
Rachel Ritfeld CIA Agent (uncredited)
Raj Awasti BMW Driver (uncredited)
Rajesh Kalhan Businessman (uncredited)
Rebecca Ferguson Ilsa Faust
Richard Banks CIA Agent (uncredited)
Ricky Rajpal Station Staff (uncredited)
Robert Luckay Lane Bodyguard
Robert Maaser Officer Assassin
Romeo Visca Belarus
Ruolan Zhang Opera Guest (uncredited)
Rupert Wickham Chancellor
Ruth Shaw Commuter (uncredited)
Sagar Radia Control Lab Technician #2
Saif Al-Warith Saif
Sal Bolton Train Commuter (uncredited)
Salem Hanna CIA Agent (uncredited)
Sean Adames Stunts / Character
Sean Cronin Masked Syndicate Man
Sean Harris Solomon Lane
Shamir Dawood Control Lab Technician #1
Sharon Forbes Commuter (uncredited)
Shaun Newnham Passerby (uncredited)
Shina Shihoko Nagai CIA Supervisor (uncredited)
Simon McBurney Atlee
Simon Pegg Benji Dunn
Simone Liebman Charity Event Guest (uncredited)
Solomon Taiwo Justified Passer By (uncredited)
Stella Stocker Opera Stage Manager
Stephen McDade Commuter (uncredited)
Tarrick Benham CIA Agent #1
Tatiana Zarubova VIP Guest (uncredited)
Thomas Anton Press Photographer (uncredited)
Tim Breyvogel Opera Police #2
Tim Packham Passer-by (Fleet Street) (uncredited)
Tom Coulston Chancellor's Aide (uncredited)
Tom Cruise Ethan Hunt
Tom Hollander Prime Minister
Tom Lowe Pang
Tomasz Dabrowski Belarus (uncredited)
Tony Paul West Suspect at Opera (uncredited)
Tony Tennant SEAL Team 6 Member (uncredited)
Tyler Fayose CIA Agent #2
Ulli Ackermann Chancellor's Security Aide #2
Vauxhall Jermaine US Marine Jones
Vince Taylor CIA Agent (uncredited)
Ving Rhames Luther Stickell
Volkan Ay Power Plant Guard #2
Walles Hamonde Power Plant Security #2
Wesley Lloyd CIA Agent (uncredited)
Will Austin US Embassy Marine #1 (uncredited)
William Roberts Senator #1
Wolfgang Cerny Opera Police #4
Wolfgang Stegemann Flautist Assassin
Yasen Atour Control Lab Technician #3