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Runtime: 125 min

Genres: Crime | Thriller

Languages: Dutch | English | French | Italian | Mandarin

Countries: USA

It's been three years since Danny Ocean, and his crew--fronted by detail man, Rusty Ryan, up-and-coming pickpocket Linus Caldwell, explosives expert Basher Tarr, and safecracker Frank Catton--pulled off one of the most audacious and lucrative heists in history, robbing ruthless entrepreneur Terry Benedict of every dime stored in his impenetrable Las Vegas vault. After splitting the $160 million take, each one of the infamous Ocean's crew has tried to go straight, lay low and have a legit life, but that's proven to be a challenge--much to the chagrin of Danny's wife Tess. When someone breaks rule number one and rats them out to Benedict, going straight is no longer an option; he wants his $160 million back--with interest, or else. And as the gang quickly discovers, Benedict isn't the only powerful person in the world looking for Ocean's Eleven.

Directors (1)

Writers (3)

George Clayton Johnson (characters) &
George Nolfi (written by)
Jack Golden Russell (characters)

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Steven Soderbergh (director of photography) (as Peter Andrews)

Actors (91)

Adriano Giannini Museum Director
Albert Finney Gaspar LeMarque (uncredited)
Amelie Kahn-Ackermann Chinese Daughter
Ana Caterina Morariu Bruce Willis' Companion
André Meulman Dutch Officer (uncredited)
Andrea Buhl Toulour Woman #2
Andy Garcia Terry Benedict
Anne Jacques Shop Owner
Anne-Solenne Hatte Toulour Woman #8
Anthony Bonaventura Bar Patron (uncredited)
Antonio De Matteo Hotel Employee
Bernie Mac Frank Catton
Brad Pitt Rusty Ryan
Bruce Willis Bruce Willis (uncredited)
Candice Azzara Saul's Lady
Carl Reiner Saul Bloom
Carla Mori Photographer (uncredited)
Carlo Antonazzo Security Advisor
Casey Affleck Virgil Malloy
Catherine Zeta-Jones Isabel Lahiri
Cherry Jones Molly Star / Mrs. Caldwell
Chris Tates Paul's Partner
Chris Zomer Cyclist (uncredited)
Christian Rose Train Rider (uncredited)
Craig Susser Men's Club Waiter
David Lindsay Arsenal Bus Driver
David Sontag Plainclothes Goon #1
Dennis Di Angelo Photographer's Assistant
Denny Mendez Toulour Woman #9
Dina Connolly Virgil's Fiancée
Don Cheadle Basher Tarr
Don Tiffany House Painter
Ed Kross Bank Officer
Eddie Izzard Roman Nagel
Eddie Jemison Livingston Dell
Elena Potapova Toulour Woman #6
Elliott Gould Reuben Tishkoff
Ernie Lang Neighbor John (uncredited)
Francesca Lancini Toulour Woman #4
George Clooney Danny Ocean
Gian Franco Tordi Italian Secret Service (as Gianfranco Tordi)
Giselda Volodi Toulour's Butler
Giulio Magnolia Photographer
James Schneider Club Heckler
James Zahn Bartender (uncredited)
Jared Harris Basher's Engineer
Jennifer Liu Mani-pedi Woman #1
Jeroen Krabbé van der Woude
Jeroen Willems Paul
Jerry Weintraub American Businessman
Jessie Bell Toulour Woman #7
Johan Widerberg Johan
Jonathan Avigdori Italian Policeman (uncredited)
Julia Roberts Tess Ocean
Karl A. Brown Train Security #1
Keith Birkfeld Italian Police Officer (uncredited)
Larry Sontag Plainclothes Goon #2
Leah Zhang Mani-pedi Woman #2
Lori Claussen Lady with Dog (uncredited)
Luciano Miele Hotel Manager
Marc Bodnar Train Security #2
Martina Stella Nagel's Assistant
Mathieu Simonet Backpack Kid
Matt Damon Linus Caldwell
Mattia Sbragia Commissario Giordano
Michael Delano Casino Manager
Michael Van Der Heijden Funeral Priest
Michelle Sleger Maid of Honor at Virgil's Dinner (uncredited)
Mingming Gao Chinese Mother
Mini Anden Supermodel
Nasser Faris Frank's Jail Mate (as Al Faris)
Nelson Peltz Partygoer
Nerissa Tedesco Palm Reader
Nichelle Hines Assistant Manager
Nikki Taylor Melton Girl in Park (uncredited)
Rachel Zeskind Dancer (uncredited)
Raquel Faria Toulour Woman #5
Rebecca Engel Girl in Casino (uncredited)
Rik Sinkeldam Man on Bike (uncredited)
Robbie Coltrane Matsui
Roberta Potrich Fan (uncredited)
Scott Caan Turk Malloy
Scott L. Schwartz Bruiser
Shaobo Qin Yen
Sue Durso Commuter (uncredited)
Sylvia Kwon Toulour Woman #3
Thomas Craven Bar Patron (uncredited)
Topher Grace Himself (uncredited)
Vince Lauria Casino Patron (uncredited)
Vincent Cassel François Toulour
Youma Diakite Toulour Woman #1