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Runtime: 118 min

Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Languages: English | German | Italian

Countries: Italy | USA

A princess plays hooky from her royal duties for 24 hours with a reporter. This is one of Hollywood's most sweetly romantic films -- a frothy, modern telling of the Cinderella story, in reverse.

Directors (1)

Writers (3)

Dalton Trumbo (story) (front Ian McLellan Hunter)
Ian McLellan Hunter (front for Dalton Trumbo)
John Dighton (screenplay)

Composers (1)

Georges Auric (music score by)

Editors (1)

Robert Swink (edited by)

Cinematographers (2)

Franz Planer (director of photography) (as Frank F. Planer)
Henri Alekan (director of photography)

Actors (85)

Adam Jennette Speaking Correspondent (uncredited)
Alcide Tico Sculptor (uncredited)
Alfred Browne Correspondent at Poker Game (uncredited)
Alfredo Rizzo Taxicab Driver
Amedeo Trilli Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Andrea Esterhazy Embassy Aide (uncredited)
Armando Ambrogi Man on Phone (uncredited)
Armando Annuale Admiral Dancing with Princess (uncredited)
Audrey Hepburn Princess Ann
Bruno Baschiera Embassy Aide (uncredited)
Carlo Rizzo Police Official (uncredited)
Catherine Wyler Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Cesare Viori Prince Istvan Barossy Nagyavaros (uncredited)
Claudio Ermelli Giovanni
Desiderio Nobile Embassy Officer at Press Conference (uncredited)
Diane Lante Lady in Waiting (uncredited)
Dianora Veiga Girl at Cafe Waving at Irving (uncredited)
Dominique Rika Girl at Cafe Waving at Irving (uncredited)
Eddie Albert Irving Radovich
Edward Hitchcock Head of Foreign Correspondents (uncredited)
Eric Oulton Sir Hugo Macy de Farmington (uncredited)
Ferdinando De Aldisio Ferdinando De Aldisio of 'Agence Press' (uncredited)
Franco Corsaro Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Friedrich Lampe Friedrich Lampe of 'New York Herald-Tribune' (uncredited)
G. Kabulska Undetermined Role (uncredited)
George Higgins Correspondent at Poker Game (uncredited)
Gherda Fehrer Senhora Joaquin de Capoes (uncredited)
Giacomo Penza The Papal Nuncio Monsignor Altomonte (uncredited)
Gianna Segale Girl at Cafe Waving at Irving (uncredited)
Gildo Bocci Flower Seller (uncredited)
Giovanni Fostini Correspondent at Poker Game (uncredited)
Giuliano Raffaelli Faceless Man on the Barge (uncredited)
Giustino Olivieri Waiter at Cafe (uncredited)
Gorella Gori Shoe Seller
Gregory Peck Joe Bradley
Hank Werbe Speaking Correspondent (uncredited)
Harcourt Williams Ambassador
Hartley Power Mr. Hennessy
Heinz Hindrich Dr. Bonnachoven (uncredited)
Helen Fondra Countess Von Marstrand (uncredited)
Helen Tubbs Undetermined Role (uncredited)
J. Cortes Cavanillas Julian Cortes Cavanillas of 'ABC Madrid' (uncredited)
Jacques Ferrier Lacques Ferrier of 'Ici Paris' (uncredited)
Jan Dijksgraaf Speaking Correspondent (uncredited)
John Cortay Correspondent at Poker Game (uncredited)
John Horne Master of Ceremonies (uncredited)
Joop van Hulzen Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Judy Wyler Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Julio Moriones Julio Moriones of 'La Vanguardia' (uncredited)
Kurt Klinger Kurt Klinger of 'Deutsch Press Agentur' (uncredited)
Laura Solari Hennessy's Secretary
Luigi Locchi Count Von Marstrand (uncredited)
Luigi Moneta Old Man Dancing with Princess (uncredited)
Luis Marino Hassan El Din Pasha (uncredited)
Marco Tulli Pallid Young Man Dancing with Princess (uncredited)
Margaret Rawlings Countess Vereberg
Mario Lucinni Senhor Joaquin de Capoes (uncredited)
Maurice Montabre Maurice Montabre of 'Le Figaro' (uncredited)
Maurizio Arena Young Boy with Car (uncredited)
Mimmo Poli Worker Hugging the Three Out Side Police Station (uncredited)
Nicola Konopleff Ihre Hoheit der Furst von und zu Luchtenstichenholz (uncredited)
Octave Senoret Faceless Man on the Barge (uncredited)
Otto Gross Otto Gross of 'Davar' (uncredited)
Paola Borboni Charwoman
Paolo Carlini Mario Delani
Patricia Varner Teacher at Fontana di Trevi (uncredited)
Paul Gary Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Piero Pastore Faceless Man on the Barge (uncredited)
Piero Scanziani Piero Scanziani of 'La Suisse' (uncredited)
Princess Alma Cattaneo Lady in Waiting (uncredited)
Princess Lilamani The Raikuuari of Khanipur (uncredited)
Rabindranath Mitter H.R.H. The Maharajah (uncredited)
Richard McNamara Correspondent at Poker Game (uncredited)
Richard Neuhaus Embassy Guard (uncredited)
Sidney Gordon Correspondent at Poker Game (uncredited)
Silvio Bagolini Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Sir Hari Singh Hari Singh (uncredited)
Stephen House Stephen House of 'The London Exchange Telegraph' (uncredited)
Sytske Galema Sytske Galema of 'De Limie' (uncredited)
Tania Weber Francesca - Irving's Model (uncredited)
Teresa Gauthier Ihre Hoheit die Furstin von und zu Luchtenstichenholz (uncredited)
Tullio Carminati General Provno
Ugo Ballerini Embassy Aide (uncredited)
Ugo De Pascale Embassy Aide (uncredited)
Vittoria Crispo Undetermined Role (uncredited)