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Runtime: 88 min

Genres: Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Languages: English

Countries: USA

"The Ant Bully" tells a witty and heartwarming story about a 10-year-old boy who embarks on a remarkable journey. New in town, friendless and tormented by a neighborhood bully, young Lucas Nickle has been taking out his frustration on the innocent ant hill in his yard. But one day the ants retaliate. Using a magic potion, they shrink Lucas down to ant size and sentence him to live like an ant in their colony. In this strange new world Lucas will learn important lessons about friendship, get a whole new perspective on life and ultimately find the courage to stand up for himself.

Directors (1)

Writers (2)

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Ken Mitchroney (director of photography)

Actors (71)

Aaron Michael Drozin Blue Teammate #5 (voice)
Alexandra Lamy L'infirmière Hova (French version) (voice)
Alfred Jackson Slacker Ant (voice)
Allison Mack Tiffany Nickle (voice)
Austin Majors Blue Teammate #3 (voice)
Benjamin Bryan Kid (voice) (uncredited)
Bob Joles Wasp #2 (voice)
Bruce Campbell Fugax (voice)
Bruno Salomone Zoc, le sorcier fourmi (French version) (voice)
Bryan Fabian Fernando (voice)
Cailyn Taylor Shigeko (voice) (as Casey Masamitsu)
Candi Milo Nurse Ant #3 (voice)
Cheri Oteri Doreen Nickle (voice)
Clive Robertson Hova's Wasp (voice)
Colin Ford Red Teammate #4 (voice)
Creagen Dow Mullet Boy (voice)
David Kaye Sleeping Ant #2 / Guard Ant #3 / Wrangler Ant (voice)
Denzel Whitaker Albert (voice)
Don Frye Soldier Ant (voice)
Florence Foresti Kreela, la professeur (French version) (voice)
Frank Welker Spindle / Frog / Caterpillar (voice)
Fred Tatasciore Ant Council #2 and #5 (voice) (uncredited)
Jaishon Fisher Blue Teammate #4 (voice)
Jake Goldberg Helmet Boy / Nob / Red Teammate #1 (voice)
Jake T. Austin Nicky (voice)
Jared Goldsmith Blue Teammate #2 / Red Teammate #2 (voice)
Jessie Flower Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
John A. Davis Ant #19 (voice)
Jonathan David Cook Wasp #6 (voice) (as Jonathan Cook)
Jordan Del Spina Ant (voice) (uncredited)
Julia Roberts Hova (voice)
Keith Alcorn Ant #18 / Pupa / Soldier Ant #3 (voice)
Ken Mitchroney Ant #17 / Guard Ant #2 / Wasp #8 (voice)
Kendall Ryan Sanders Red Teammate #5 (voice)
Larry Cedar Ant #8 (voice)
Larry Miller Fred Nickle (voice)
Leon Morenzie Wasp #4 (voice)
Lily Tomlin Mommo (voice)
Lori Tritel Ant Council #3 (voice) (uncredited)
Mark DeCarlo Fly (voice)
Max Burkholder Blue Teammate #6 (voice)
Meryl Streep Queen (voice)
Myles Jeffrey Steve (voice)
Nathalie Baye La très sage reine (French version) (voice)
Neil Ross Wasp #1 / Wasp #5 (voice)
Nicolas Cage Zoc (voice)
Nicole Sullivan Ant #9 (voice)
Nika Futterman Ant #1 / Ant #7 (voice)
Nissa Alcorn Billo (voice)
Pat Fraley Ant Council #1 (voice)
Paul Giamatti Stan Beals (voice)
Paul Greenberg Sleeping Ant #1 / Head Lice #1 / Head Lice #2 / Head Lice #3 / Head Lice #4 / Brett (voice)
Paul Rugg Ant #5 (voice)
Regina King Kreela (voice)
Ricardo Montalban Head of Council (voice)
Richard Green Wasp Leader (voice)
Rob Paulsen Beetle (voice)
S. Scott Bullock Glow Worm / Wasp Survivor (voice)
Sam Green Red Teammate #3 (voice)
Sarah Mensinga Mother Ant (voice)
Scott Holst Ant #3 (voice)
Sean Donnellan Soldier Ant #1 (voice)
Shane Baumel Red Teammate #6 (voice)
Susan Silo Ant #4 (voice)
Tom Kenny Drone Ant / Ant #2 / Ant #6 (voice)
Tress MacNeille Old Council Ant (voice)
Tyler James Williams Blue Teammate #1 (voice)
Vernee Watson-Johnson Head Nurse (voice) (as Vernée Watson Johnson)
Wally Wingert Wasp #3 (voice)
Zach Tyler Lucas Nickle (voice) (as Zach Tyler Eisen)
Zack Shada Blonde Boy (voice) (uncredited)