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Runtime: 130 min

Genres: Biography | Comedy | Drama

Languages: English

Countries: USA

Writer/director Adam McKay joins forces with Paramount Pictures and Plan B Entertainment to adapt Michael Lewis' best-seller The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, which centers on the housing a credit bubble of the 2000s. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovimore

Directors (1)

Writers (3)

Adam McKay (screenplay)
Charles Randolph (screenplay) and
Michael Lewis (book)

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (197)

Adepero Oduye Kathy Tao
Aiden Flowers Young Michael Burry
Al Sapienza Option One CEO
Alicia Davis Johnson Bank of America Executive (uncredited)
Amanda Macon Miami Tourist (uncredited)
Amaurys Rodriguez Shirtless Guy (uncredited)
Andrea Vittoria Alvarado Clothing Boutique Clerk (uncredited)
Andrew Farrier Burry's Analyst
Anna Nguyen Miami Tourist (uncredited)
Anna Wendt Banking Professional (uncredited)
Anne Speed Office Worker (uncredited)
Anthony Bourdain Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Burkhalter Convention Banker (uncredited)
Anthony Marble Therapy Businessman #1
Bernard Hocke Coach
Billy Magnussen Mortgage Broker #2
Billy Slaughter Real Estate Agent #2
Blaine Kern III Second Bear Rep
Bob Walker Bond Trader (uncredited)
Brad Pitt Ben Rickert
Brandon Fontenot Analyst (uncredited)
Brandon Stacy Michael Burry's Dad
Britney Spears Herself (archive footage)
Byron Mann Mr. Chau
Candace McAdams Ceasar's Palace Pool Girl (uncredited)
Candice Harrison Investor (uncredited)
Carl A. Chauvin Trade Show Attendee / Investor
Carrie Lazar Mark Baum's Mom
Casey Groves Fund Manager
Cayden Arthur Miscally Tattooed Man's Son
Charlene Barr Wife (uncredited)
Charlie Talbert Lewis Bond Trader #1
Christian Bale Michael Burry
Christina Michelle Williams Banker / Airport Passenger (uncredited)
Christopher Gulas Businessman (uncredited)
Christopher Terrell Brown Restaurant Diner (New Orleans) / Banker (uncredited)
Colette Divine B of A Lobby Security
Colin Lawless Nicolas Burry
Courtney Leigh Goodwin Pedestrian (uncredited)
Cynthia LeBlanc Blackjack Player / Convention Delegate (uncredited)
Dalton Alfortish Kisser (uncredited)
Dan Aykroyd Elwood Blues (archive footage)
Darly Wayne Crying Lehmann Bros employee (uncredited)
Daryl Thibodaux Analyst (uncredited)
Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis Burry's Assistant
David Kallaway Guy in Game Jersey
David Michael Cefalu Analysts (uncredited)
David Perks Office worker (uncredited)
David Wyman Pub Goer #1
David Zalkind Rabbi
Deborah Alcorn Hotel Guest / Business Professional (uncredited)
Delia Sheppard Barclays Bank professional
Dennis Alcorn Bonds Trader (uncredited)
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca Casino Hig Roller Gambler (uncredited)
Dominique Hayes Casino Patron / Pool Party goer (uncredited)
Elliott Grey Montage Lehman Rep
Elton LeBlanc Convention Delegate / Strip Club Drunk / Blackjack Player (uncredited)
Emily Bossak Banker (uncredited)
Eric Berris Investment Banker (uncredited)
Fernando Nava Background (uncredited)
Finn Wittrock Jamie Shipley
Garrett Hines Deutsche Sales Rep #2
Gene Kevin Hames Jr. Business Man (uncredited)
George W. Bush Himself (archive footage)
Gus Rhodes Bond Trader (uncredited)
Hamish Linklater Porter Collins
Hannah Powell-Yost Nightclub Lady (uncredited)
Harold Gervais Lewis Bond Trader #2
Heighlen Boyd Florida Strip Club Dancer
Holly Ann Perry Cocktail Waitress (uncredited)
Hunter Burke Analyst
Ilan Srulovicz Noah
Ingrid Steed Lawrence Fields' Assistant
Jack Millard Lehman Executive
Jaclyn Bethany Casino Patron (uncredited)
Jacquelyn Twodat Jackson Blackjack player (uncredited)
Jae Suh Park Michael Burry's Wife
James Donald Casino Patron (uncredited)
James Howard Askin Casino Patron (uncredited)
James Yeargain Fields' Lawyer
James Zeiss Fired Employee (uncredited)
Jamie Gliddon Casino Patron (uncredited)
Jason Bayle Montage Goldman Sachs Rep
Jay Jablonski Rich Bear Rep (Matt)
Jay Oliver Bond Trader (uncredited)
Jay Potter Deutsche Sales Rep #1
Jeff Caperton Wall Street Journal Reporter (uncredited)
Jeffry Griffin Jared's Assistant (Chris)
Jennifer Schindler Assistant (uncredited)
Jenny Lacey Journalist (uncredited)
Jeremy Strong Vinnie Daniel
Jesse Yarborough Mortgage Broker (uncredited)
Joel Diggs Cab Driver
John Belushi Joliet Jake Blues (archive footage)
John Druzba Merrill Lynch Trader (uncredited)
John Magaro Charlie Geller
John Neisler Seminar Leader
John Teal Jr. Bond Trader (uncredited)
Jon Hartley Casino Patron (uncredited)
Joseph Brooks Banker at Goldman Sachs
Joshua Guidry Analysts (uncredited)
Judd Lormand Lawyer (uncredited)
Julia Holt Club Dancer (uncredited)
Juliet Reeves Front Point Receptionist (uncredited)
Justin Lebrun Goldman Sachs Executive (uncredited)
Karen Gillan Evie
Kate Blumberg Real Estate Agent #1
Kaylee Henderson Analyst (uncredited)
Kelly Lind Front Point Receptionist
Kristen Scott Cocktail Waitress / Dancer (uncredited)
Landa Morland Banking Professional (uncredited)
Lara Grice Deutsche Auditorium Host
Leslie Castay Therapist
Lindsay Clift Deutsche PR Person (uncredited)
Lindsay Musil Attractive Manhattan Professional (uncredited)
Logan Crawford News Reporter
Ludacris Himself (archive footage)
Lyle Brocato Casey
Lyndsay Kimball Diner Waitress
Marcus Lyle Brown Merrill Lynch Rep
Margot Robbie Margot Robbie
Maria Frangos Exotic Dancer
Marisa Tomei Cynthia Baum
Mark Falvo Journalist (uncredited)
Mark Roman WAMU banker at casino (uncredited)
Max Greenfield Mortgage Broker #1
Melissa Leo Georgia Hale
Michael Aaron Santos Businessman at Casino
Michael Brooks Angry Guy on the Phone
Michael J. Stein Banker 1979
Michael Joseph Varino 35 to 1 Guy
Michael Kives Banker in Deutsche Auditorium
Michael Rollins Analyst / Investment Banker (uncredited)
Micheal K. Douglas Analyst (uncredited)
Michelle Torres Investor (uncredited)
Mike R. Moreau Business Executive (uncredited)
Mino Mackic Casino Security (uncredited)
Mychael Bates Man Stealing Cab
Nazeema Bartek Analyst / Silicon Valley Manager / International Traveller (uncredited)
Nick Hwang Josh Medak - Banker (uncredited)
Nicole Barré Woman at Party (uncredited)
Oscar Gale Tattooed Renter
Patrick Kearns Casino Security (uncredited)
Paul Sigrist 'Enya video' couple (uncredited)
Paul X. Campanella Banker (uncredited)
Paula Shreve Lehman Brothers Banker (uncredited)
Peter Anderson Pub Goer #2
Peter Epstein Paul Baum
Pharrell Williams Himself (archive footage)
Rafe Spall Danny Moses
Rajeev Jacob Goldman Sachs Quant (Deeb)
Richard R. Corapi JP Morgan Employee (uncredited)
Richard Thaler Richard Thaler
Robert Pekel Casino Patron (uncredited)
Robin Sarraille Bond Trader (uncredited)
Robyn Wholey Spin Class Instructor
Ron Centanni Realtor (uncredited)
Ronald Joe Vasquez Investor (uncredited)
Ronald Reagan Himself (archive footage)
Ruby Lou Smith Sales Manager (uncredited)
Rudy Eisenzopf Lewis Ranieri
Rusty Bourg Pilot / Analyst (uncredited)
Ryan Broussard Trader at Night Club
Ryan Gosling Jared Vennett
Sara Finley Caesar's Palace Pool Girl (uncredited)
Scott Gray Hedge Fund Manager (uncredited)
Scott Gulino Swimmer
Sean Stevens Bond Trader (uncredited)
Selena Gomez Selena Gomez
Seth Barthelemy Deutsche Sales Rep in VIP (uncredited)
Shannon Brokaw Deutsche Bank Rep (uncredited)
Sharon Landry Woman at Casino
Shauna Rappold Michael Burry's Mom
Shona Gastian Goldman Sachs Executive (uncredited)
Sidney Beitz Sound Guy (uncredited)
Silas Cooper Therapy Businessman #2
Sophie Lee Woman in Glasses
Staci Roberts Steele Seminar Greeter (uncredited)
Stanley Wong Ted Jiang
Stefan Terrell Dancer (uncredited)
Steve Carell Mark Baum
Sue-Lynn Ansari Swimmer (uncredited)
Tahseen Ghauri Miami Tourist (uncredited)
Tessla Elizabeth Bikini Girl (uncredited)
Tim DeLaughter Himself (archive footage)
Tim Wilson Lehman Employee
Timothy Cornelius Yellow Hummer Driver (uncredited)
Tom Bui Analyst (uncredited)
Tom Cruise Maverick (archive footage)
Tony Beard Silicon Valley Hedge Fund Manager (uncredited)
Tony Bentley Bruce Miller
Tracy B. Mann Banker (uncredited)
Tracy Letts Lawrence Fields
Tyler Kunkle Doug from Goldman Sachs
Vanessa Cloke Goldman Sachs Sales Rep (Lucy)
Wayne Pére Martin Blaine
William Schaff Business Man (uncredited)