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Runtime: 98 min

Genres: Comedy | Family | Sport

Languages: English

Countries: Canada | USA

A charming children's movie about a lonely boy and a dog who can shoot hoops.^L^C5 Since his father's death, Josh Framm (Kevin Zegers) has become increasingly withdrawn. Even basketball, once his passion, scarcely seems to matter. His worried mom (Wendy Makkena) moves the family to a small town near where she grew up, hoping that a fresh start will revive Josh. But he doesn't fit in well at school, and seems worse than ever. Until he finds Buddy, an abandoned golden retriever who can nose a ball into a net better than any dog has a right to. With Buddy at his side, Josh finds the courage to try out for the school team and come out of his shell around other kids. Buddy becomes the team's mascot and inspired by the pooch and their new coach, a former pro named Arthur Chaney (Bill Cobbs), they begin winning. But everything comes crashing down when Buddy's owner, a nasty party clown named Norm Snively (Michael Jeter), shows up to claim his dog.^L^C5 AIR BUD's story is nothing strikingly original, except for the gimmick of the basketball-playing hound. But it's told with skill and a great deal of heart, and greatly enhanced by subtle performances from Zegers, Cobb and Makkena, who manages to make Mrs. Framm less insipid than is the standard for moms in kid's movies. They are, of course, all thoroughly upstaged by Buddy, a sweet-faced dog with irresistible eyes. Add in the solid values that drive the story--the significance of teamwork, the importance of family, the merit in not giving up--and AIR BUD is a very attractive family package.

Directors (1)

Writers (3)

Aaron Mendelsohn (written by)
Kevin DiCicco (character "Air Bud")
Paul Tamasy (written by) &

Composers (1)

Editors (1)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (54)

Acram Adam Basketball Player - Warriors
Bill Cobbs Arthur Chaney
Brendan Fletcher Larry Willingham
Buddy the Dog Buddy / Air-Bud
Chris Davies Basketball Player - Timberwolves
Chris Turner Greg
Christine Kennedy Melissa
Colby Chartrand Additional Basketball Player
Colin Bradner Additional Basketball Player
David Katz Additional Basketball Player
Dustin Smiley Additional Basketball Player
Eric Christmas Judge Cranfield
Fenton Fisher Basketball Player - Warriors
Frank C. Turner Bailiff
Ian Watson Additional Basketball Player
Jack Van Eijnsbergan Basketball Player - Timberwolves
Jason Qi Basketball Player - Timberwolves
Jay Brazeau Referee 1
Jay Vidler Basketball Player - Warriors
Jessebel Mather Andrea Framm
Joel Haywood Basketball Player - Timberwolves
John Jassebi Additional Basketball Player
Jordie Price Additional Basketball Player
Josh Jassebi Basketball Player - Warriors
Kati Mather Andrea Framm
Kevin DiCicco Referee 2
Kevin Zegers Josh Framm
Kodi Bbela Basketball Player - Timberwolves
Levon Kendall Additional Basketball Player
Lewis Pierce Basketball Player - Timberwolves
Marc Rinfret Additional Basketball Player
Marcus Bisset-Covaneiro Basketball Player - Warriors
Mariel Losso Basketball Player - Warriors
Marion Dodd Reporter (as Marian Dodd)
Mark Jackson Additional Basketball Player
Matthew Rollinson Additional Basketball Player
Michael Davies Additional Basketball Player
Michael Jeter Norm Snively
Miles Bridge Basketball Player - Warriors
Nicola Cavendish Principal Pepper
Nile Nurse Basketball Player - Warriors
Norman Browning Buck Willingham
Phillip Bisset-Covaneiro Basketball Player - Warriors
Ryan Van Eijnsbergan Basketball Player - Timberwolves
Sean M. Reed Sticky (uncredited)
Shayn Solberg Tom
Stefan Verster Additional Basketball Player
Stephen E. Miller Coach Barker
Tom Hearn Additional Basketball Player
Tyler Mooi Additional Basketball Player
Ursula Martin Party Mom
Wendy Makkena Jackie Framm
William Wong Additional Basketball Player
Yashar Zandiyeh Basketball Player - Timberwolves