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Runtime: 120 min

Genres: Action | Drama | Thriller

Languages: English | German | Korean

Countries: South Korea

A tense illegal arms deal in a Berlin hotel suddenly descends into mayhem after a "ghost" agent named Jong-seong (HA Jung-woo) appears on the scene. Secretly watching the deal go down is embattled South Korean intelligence chief Jin-soo (HAN Suk-Kyu), the North Koreans and the US CIA, who are all left trying to decode whether the ghost is a double-agent or taking the fall for a more insidious plot. Myung-soo (RYOO Seung-bum) a young, notorious North Korean agent jumps into these treacherous waters to investigate loyalties of all involved and begins to implicate Jong-seong's wife, Jung-hee (Gianna JUN), a translator at the North Korean embassy in the German capital. Caught between his love of country and his wife, Jong-Seong must quickly prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice. (c) CJ

Directors (1)

Writers (3)

Seung-wan Ryoo (written by)
Stefanie Y. Hong (translation)
Ted Geoghegan (english dialogue)

Cinematographers (1)

Actors (12)

Gianna Jun Ryeon, Jung-hee
John Keogh Marty
Jung-woo Ha Pyo, Jong-Seong
Kyeong-yeong Lee Ri Hak-soo
Numan Acar Abdul
Oskars Lauva Arab terrorist #2
Pasquale Aleardi Dagan
Seung-beom Ryu Dong, Myeong-soo
Suk-kyu Han Jeong Jin-soo
Tayfun Bademsoy Asim (rumored)
Toni Varvasoudis Arab Man #1
Werner Daehn Yuri